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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The sewing machine that does everything!

I love to watch the Martha Stewart show. Today's show featured the Pfaff creativevision sewing machine that can do everything. I thought I heard something about a giveaway, but can't find anything on Pfaff. This machine costs $8,000. It would be wonderful to win one of these. One might check by going on to marthastewart.com to see. But for now, and for me,......
This is my machine. The first two major things my Sweetie and I purchased when we were newlyweds, was a Montgomery Ward deep freezer, which still works perfectly after 25 years, and this Singer sewing machine. It doesn't do everything. It basically sews forward and backward, and has a good buttonhole attachment.The other things that need to be done, are done by my hand. However, it was such a good price for a couple starting out, and I only needed it for basic sewing. It has sewn baby sleepers, clothes and bibs. Shirts and jackets for my sweetie. When my son started kindergarten, it sewed the cutest shirts, which he cut with scissors up and down the front the first week, helping him not to wear them anymore because the kids laughed at him.{: It sewed many dresses and play sets for my daughter, including an elaborate tea party dress with a matching dress for her doll. It has sewn many a Halloween costume and many gifts given to relatives throughout the years, which if you check under their beds, the things are still probably hiding{: .

I love the detail in the design of these old machines. If anything breaks on it, it is easy for me to figure out and repair. I have thought about purchasing a newer machine, but as many of you probably know, the kids needed shoes, the car needed repairs, a bill needed to be paid, or something else important needed to be bought. I know getting a brand new machine would be like getting a computer and on the internet for the first time for me. I was weary of computers and the internet at first, and then, once I started playing with it, I was hooked! What kinds of machines do you have? What are some of the things you have made? I would love to hear and to see!


Pam said...

My mom has a machine that looks a lot like that one! And honestly, I've had three machines over that past 30 years that just did not hold up like that one does. It has been through all kinds of trials- including teaching me to sew as a teenager- and has stood the test of time. Hers is a Pfaff.
Right now I have a very cheap machine that I would love to throw out the back door!!
I hope to own something better in a year or two!
Hope you have a great week-

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is a GORGEOUS machine, Kathleen... I love those heavy ones like that- I think they do sew better. I have several machines, but the only one that works is my Viking Hubby bought for me. I have my Mom's Kenmore that is in a beautiful wood cabinet, and I also have Hubby's grandmothers, which is also in a wood cabinet. Unfortunately neither one works, but I love having them, just the same. I may have to do a post on my machines... thanks for the idea!!

The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

My grandmother had a trendle machine. I don't think I spelled that correctly...oh well. It was a work of art!

I used to work as a Sewing Machine sales woman. And I have to tell you...the quality of the sewing machine has gone down. Plastic everything and not a detail to think of. Ironic really since we are making something with it that is full of details. LOL!

Well, I LOVE your machine.

Pink Portuguese Roses

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

This is a beautiful sewing machine! And to have all those wonderful memories attached to it make it priceless. Who needs Martha's does-it-all when you have something like this! Gorgeous.
Patricia :o)

Jane Smith said...

Makes me think of Grandma's sewing machine. It was a treddle, but she made dresses for me, & no telling what else she made on it.

I have a New Home machine that I got when I graduated from high school. It's been a workhorse. I've made everything from swimsuits to leather bags. I also have a serger, but haven't had time to use either one in a long time.

Mom2fur said...

My mother has, and still uses, a machine that has to be at least 50 years old. Those old machines, while they don't have all the bells and whistles we have today, are true work-horses! I had a $3,000 Memory Craft a few years back and ran it into the ground with tons of sewing. When I decided to replace it, I went for a more simple machine. I mean, honestly, who really needs 179 different stitches, LOL!?
But thanks for mentioning this machine. I forgot about the contest, so now I'll remember to enter!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Kathleen- it's me again... please don't be mad at me, but I tagged you on my blog to tell 6 things about yourself.... If you don't want to or you're too busy right now I understand... just whenever. At least by tomorrow. (LOL) Just kidding!

Linda said...

Good Morning Kathleen, I love your machine! I have my granma's old sewing machine and just treasure it. I remember sewing doll clothes on it...I have a new singer(just the basic) that I use for sewing quilt tops and simple projects.

I too was a total novice when it came to computers and stiil have lots to learn...you are just never to old to learn.....at least that's what I keep telling myself. Hugs, Linda

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

That $8,000 machine just can't beat that sweet machine that you and your husband bought together when you were starting out! It is altogether lovely!


Domestically Inclined said...

I just love the older machines and yours is gorgeous.My Step dad bought one for my sisters and I and mom back in about 1973. I just noticed the 25 year warranty emblem on it. It's been it's been 35 years and it's still going strong.
I really like the way you have been restoring the vintage look. I have just begun doing that with old patterns I have found as well but haven't finished mush yet.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I love your blog. I picked you up from Paula and her chicken story EEEWWW!!

I have many sewing machines too. I have an old treadle that was Aunt Lucy's and it barely made it thru my Mom and Dad's house fire. I have restored the cabinet but I don't think the machine will ever run :(....I have 3 old Kenmores and one new Kenmore that is one of thier cheapest machines and the best one I ever had!!

I also have a really nice Pfaff that I got from ebay but it needs a shuttle cock for about $50 and I just haven't replaced it. I also have a really great Bernina that dh bought me. I felt like a queen when I bought this one home!! I still love to sew on the Kenmore cause it is just sew easy!! LOL

Oh my what an obsession I have with sewing machines. Like a man and guns I guess.

Oh and one old rusty treadel machine in my flower garden from a yardsale. I may end up putting Aunt Lucy's machine on display in the flower bed too. Maybe I can find a treadle that works to put in the oak cabinet!!

That's enough about mine. Whew maybe I need to scale down or just get to using them!!