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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Pillow Cases

Although this is the season that I should be stitching on Christmas things,
I worked on my white work pillowcases this week.
I have been working on different sets of white work pillowcases, in between my sewing orders. My plan is to have 3 sets finished to give to each one of my children......maybe when they marry. I would like to monogram them as well when the time comes. I have always loved the look of antique and vintage linens done in white and monogrammed with someones initials. I think it was such a wonderful thing for someone to work on such items and then to hand them down to some lucky recipient. My children, at their young stage in life at this time, will not appreciate any thing like this....so I am stitching and then placing them away for a later date. How about you? Have you had any linens made for you when you were married? Have you made anything for your children's wedded life? I would love to hear!


nAncY said...

i love the white on white! it is so pretty.

Linda said...

I love the cases, I think white on white is so elegant. These will be wonderful keepsakes for your children..hugs, Linda

Gina E. said...

This is beautiful work, Kathleen. All the linen I inherited from my family linen cupboard is whitework like that; pillow shams, traycloths, napkins, carving cloths, supper cloths, and so on. When I got married for the first time, a friend's mother embroidered a small table cloth for me, and I still have it. I wasn't into embroidery back then the way I am now, but I still appreciated that she'd done this for me. For my second marriage, the same lady stitched a lovely duchess set for me! I should mention that I hadn't met this lady at the time - her daughter and I were penpals for many years (and we still are). I did get to meet them both before she (the mother) passed on, and when I mentioned her embroidered gifts, she'd forgotten all about them!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I just love these white pillow cases. You've done such a beautiful job stitching them. I don't sew, but I recall my mama used to do a lot of sewing and quilting. Lovely, elegant pillow cases. Have a blessed weekend.

Carla Susana Guadanini Pereira said...

Simplismente maravilhoso!!!!


Carla Susana


Cathy said...

Hi Kathleen,
My mom always did embroidery but it was mostly before I was born. I have posted a some of what he didn't give away on my blog. There are several quilts that she did embroidery on and I still have to take pictures of those quilt squares. These were free drawn pictures that were indiviual pictures of her childhood memories. One of the quilts is drawings from my children and their cousins at different ages of their childhood. She does a wonderful job embroidering them. So these are our heirlooms. I do also two matching pillowcases that a lady at our church we got married in almost 35 years ago did some embroidery work on and then crocheted the edges. They are pink cases with white thread. I used them quit a bit, but still look pretty good.
I like the white on white.
I like your blog! :)