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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The days have been a mixture

of warm sunny days and then cold gray days. The warm days have made me catch spring fever, and I find myself purchasing every bright and cheerful flower that calls to me from the store nurseries.

But because of the cold days,  I know not to plant them outside............especially these pretties.

Just look at this red and yellow lady....................telling me how pretty she would be worked up into an embroidery design............don't you think?
Primrose is really not meant for the dry hot area that I live in, however, the stores display them in their bright and vibrant colors.

because they know that I will purchase them anyhow, loading them into my arms and whisking them out to my farm,  hoping that they might live a while for me to enjoy.
So far, they seem to be happy in the window by the back door.

Something new that I just had to bring home was this lovely plant. This is a
Shady Moonlight Viola.
It wasn't just the beautiful color that talked me into purchasing this............it smells heavenly!
It has the fragrance of honeysuckle or like the meadow flowers that bloom here on the grounds in spring.
If you run across this beauty.............take it home! You will be so delighted with it.
what beauties have you spotted at your local nursery?
Primroses, or roses perhaps?
Maybe some colorful orchids?
I would love to hear!


Simple "T" said...

Havent been to one yet but after seeing yours, I sure do. I can only imagine the fragrance.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful colors! Here in GA, we can plant the violas and they reseed the next year. For that reason, they are called Johnny Jump-ups! I love the many color variations of the violas. Try pressing a few between the pages of a heavy book. They are beautiful glued to a home made card!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Wow! What beautiful vibrant colors. I LOVE spring and can't wait to get out there and DO something. It's been warm and mostly grey and dreary here in San Antonio. I wish it would either clear up and be sunny, or rain and have a good soak (which we need). But these clouds! Yuck! LOL I need the sun!
Patricia :o)

Stitches said...

I am so looking forward to going to the nursery and bringing home by first flowers of the spring. They will be pansies. But not yet, it is still too cold here in Iowa but maybe be the middle or last of March. Your flowers are so pretty, sure makes me long for spring. I agree with Mildred, about pressing some of them and using on a handmade card. Would be lovely!!

Stitches said...

I am so anxious to be able to buy my first plant this spring. I always buy pansies as soon as they show up in the nursery. Hopefully, by the middle or end of March. Your flowers are gorgeous, so bright and playful. I agree with Mildred about pressing a few and using them on a handmade card. Would be lovely to receive a card like that. I hope this doesn't post twice as I commented earlier and it never showed up..sorry, if this happens.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Especially the purple, with the yellow. It looks like they are illuminated!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I sure love the look of your blog. The photos of the flowers are so pretty. Your blog really looks great. I can just imagine the fragrance of your flowers. Such beautiful colors.

GardenofDaisies said...
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kasthurirajam said...

lovely colors