I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Once again, a beautiful piece of material

once dreamed about and in wait for embroidery, found it's way into a box at a flea market and  was taken home by myself to be brought to it's full potential that it was once designed for.
A small tablecloth, still stiff from starch, it's cotton material not stained..........
and designed with these cute dish motifs for embroidery!

I think these designs are from the 40"s ?  There is one in each corner of the tablecloth. 
There are holes throughout the piece, but that will not be a problem because I can easily patch them.

It is edged in a colorful crocheted edging. I am not completely sure, but I think that this is a piece that was probably already stamped for embroidery and sold in a five and dime store........
am I wrong?

So I took the time this week to embroider one of the motifs. I think I am going to embroider each motif in different colors...........instead of matching them up. 
What do you think? 

Also to my delight...........I came upon a whole set of vintage scissor pockets. Do you remember these? These were used to store the seamstress scissors. And they were not to be used by anyone for any other reason than for cutting fabric.  

Each piece is  so unique and in wonderful condition. The collection looks wonderful on the walls of my vintage shop and studio. 

I have not listed them yet, however, I am willing to sell a few. My shop is now open and ready for business. I have  cleared all  the rules and licenses and now can enjoy selling..............if I can get customers to find me. 

I want to show you my kitchen area. It is full of  vintage dishes and kitchen items.

(click on picture for a better view)
I have vintage dishes of every shape and size..........with roses on so many of them!
Do you like the " Homemade Pies" cutting board in the center? A friend gave this to me a few years ago because I always talked about wanting to have a pie shop. So it is for display only, because I love it!

I have a shelf of vintage glassware on the other side of the kitchen area........

and I love the old quilt tops on top of the vintage Royal Crown soda box.
Don't you?

I have embroidered linens in the drawers of the dressers, but I had to display some on this cute little cart that I recently found.

A small vintage night case has hand crocheted pieces spilling out over it. 
This is a very special piece and you can read the story about this, if you would like , on my country blog.
Just click onto the link
Now that spring is here, I am hoping that you are finding the weather warmer and sunnier? 
What are your plans for this spring season?
Are you planning gardens..........or are you planning projects.........
or both??
I would love to hear!


KathyB. said...

I have never seen scissor pockets before , but what a great idea , and decorative too.

Your shop is wonderful. I know if you were much closer I could easily spend a lot of time there.

The embroidery really does look like it came from the 40's, what a prize to find it in such good condition.

I hope people find your shop and realize what a treasure trove it is Kathleen !

Hindustanka said...

How interesting all the items you displayed in your shop!
And congrats on starting your own business :) I am sure you will find people to buy the stuff!
I like dhow embroidered that vintage linen set, perhaps you are right to mak eit in different colors, but your decision is yours :)

lil red hen said...

I'm drooling!! Fabulous place!

papel1 said...

Reading your blog always makes me want to get our my box of vintage linens out of the closet. They cannot be enjoyed unless displayed. They have rips and holes in them but it does not take away from the charm. Maybe I will add some more stitches to the pieces. Good luck with your shop. Have you shared the location on twitter or facebook?

Anonymous said...

I, too, have never seen scissor pockets, but the hat is so charming!
Oh, I am so excited about your shop, and pray that word of mouth will be the great advertising success.

Thank you for your visit and your encouraging comment. It spurs me on.

May God bless your venture in every way.

Marianne xo

Anonymous said...

P.S. LOL...I forgot to comment on the very sweet tablecloth you're working on. I love the design, and can't wait to see it finished. Will it go into your shop, or on your online shop?


Gina E. said...

I just adore the tablecloth you are stitching! American designs are quite unique to your country - Australian vintage embroidery designs are more like the English ones of the time.
I don't think I've seen those ceramic scissor pockets before.
The linens in your shop - do you sell those online too? I'd love to see pictures of individual pieces, seeing it is a bit too far for me to come to the shop in person!