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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

When I purchased these vintage transfers from a shop.........I had no idea how old they really were............

they were lying crumpled in between vintage dress patterns.......
and I was surprised

to find not one........but 7 sheets of transfers in excellent condition.

The designs are so beautiful

full of flowers, scallop edgings, 

baby bibs, alphabets and much more...........
but the real surprise???

they are a 101 years old!
Dated June 3, 1913!!


I am finding it difficult to find out the history on Winifred Clark.....
do any of you know about her or this company?
I have found a lot of  transfers and booklets of crochet on Ebay......
but not much else.
If you have any history on this........I would love to hear!
While I will preserve these sheets,
I am also tracing them off and you will soon be seeing hand embroidered linens that I create from these wonderful designs.
I can't wait!


lil red hen said...

Oh wow!! What a find!! I have several old transfers, probably purchased through the mail from the Kansas City Star or somewhere similar. Some are so fragile they can barely be unfolded. I am in the process of tracing one of the designs for pillowcases. I use a transfer pen and tracing paper, then all I have to do is press the design onto my fabric. Could you describe how you transfer your designs? I look forward to seeing the beautiful things you make with your new found treasure. Charlotte

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

What a fantastic find. And you will do remarkable stitching with these; I am sure. :)

janice15 said...

O my how awesome...you just never know i have moms They aré as old as me. Great find.

Debra said...

How lovely! They fell into the right hands-you know their value and not only will preserve them, but bring them to life again.

Sally Crowe said...

That truly is a wonderful find! That's the year my dad was born.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and your kind comment about my grandson.

Now, I'm going to check out your farm. :)

Lady Jane said...

Sorry, I don't know who Winifred Clark is and because these are so old you perhaps wont know, but you have stumbled on quite a find. You do such wonderful work and you will do remarkable things with your new found treasure.

papel1 said...

I have old vintage transfer sheets and love using them. It seems we never have enough transfers. I go to sewing class but often do not have a project so take hand embroidery with me.

Marie said...

What an amazing find! I am guessing though they were patented in 1913, they MIGHT be a continuing reprint of the designs, in a later year. But, even still they are OLD! :-) That's so wonderful!

Lady Linda said...

Oh how very fun! The patterns are just so neat. Makes me want to pull out my embroidery threads and work on something.
Lovely blog.