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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Starting over is hard.........

especially when you are 80 years old. My dear aunt, who is 80, recently became widowed.......
and decided to sell her home, along with  almost everything else she owned, 
then packed up her little dog and moved all the way down here......to Texas
close to where I live.
She has since found her a new little house, and is now starting over.........
picking out furniture, getting her house to look like "home"
Which brings another reason to why I love to do  hand embroidery.
I love to make little gifts for anyone who is " fixing up their nest"

Hand embroidered dishtowels and hand crocheted dishcloths
tucked into a box of dishware is a wonderful
"welcome home" gift I think.

I often put a fabric border or crocheted edge on the bottom
of the dishtowel.......but often I have found
that many prefer the towel with a plain hem finish.
I love the "farmhouse" look this little set has to it........
don't you?
So tell me...........what kinds of things
do  you think would be a great housewarming gift?
I would love to hear!


lil red hen said...

I think you've picked the perfect gift!
What kind of yarn do you use for the dishcloth?

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Bless your aunt. Starting over at any age can be hard. But when you're 80, you kinda think you've already done it all. Your handmade gifts are absolutely perfect!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet gift pkg. one that will be enjoyed every day.

God bless your dear Aunt. FlowerLady

Miss Cindy said...

You are so sweet to think of others with such thoughful gifts! I'm sure that brought a smile to her face.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh, it's been a long time since I gave a housewarming gift. But I do think you made a great choice.

My sis is 20 years older than me and lost her husband in 1988. She moved from Chicago to a house across the street from me. She was married the year I was born (51) and became progressively more recluse. Now she never comes out except to go to the doctor. I give your aunt a lot of credit for being able to start over in a new place. She must be quite a woman!
xx, Carol

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm wishing her the very best. She is brave to start over like this but it sure gives you lots to do and look forward to. I love the dishtowel for a gift...handmade is always my favorite gift to receive. I like to put handmade soap with gifts too. Hugs, Diane

mamasmercantile said...

An amazing thing to do start over. A great gift, handcrafter with love what could be better?

Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

Those make wonderful "Welcome Home" gifts. Wishing her all the best of luck and happiness in her new home. Love the dish towel embroidery and the dish cloth. So very thoughtful of you to do such a nice gift.

Debra said...

What a lovely gift-it means so much when your heart and hands are part of the gift! I also like giving (and getting) soaps-there's so many of the handmade soaps, and so many fragrances. I am learning to crochet (again!), so I loved seeing your work....God bless your aunt.

Karen said...

Those gifts are so nice, I know your aunt will love them. I certainly do love the farmhouse look of them, that is my favorite look of all for decorating.

Sherri Farley said...

I wish your aunt the very best of luck in her new home. Such a lovely gift. My step sister made crocheted dish cloths for me in a small circle when I had so much trouble with my finger. They are small enough to easily squeeze out the water. I have a touch of arthritis too and I still use them. I love them and she has kindly made me several of them.

Marianne said...

Kathleen, first let me say that I've missed you very much. I've been so busy between the job and trying to finish my latest book, which I'm happy to say is almost toward the end. I hope you are well.

Now for your aunt - wow!! what a remarkable woman to start all over at 80!! I am very inspired and impressed. Even so much as to getting herself another home - good for her. Your embroidery gift is just lovely and I'm sure she will be delighted with it. What a nice surprise for her new home.

When I was a very young woman I had a school friend who embroidered all the coat-like jackets she wore. Yours reminded me of her. Your coat turned out beautiful and full of flare. I like it.

Well,I better get back to work, before they notice I'm gone...hee hee...I skip out on breaks. Be well, my friend,and I hope to be back to see all the other lovely things you're up to.


Marianne xox

Gina E. said...

Well I will be 70 next April, and if I am not in this house in 10 years time, I plan to be in a smaller house, but still with all my books and needlecraft supplies! I think your handstitched towel and crocheted cloth are the perfect welcome gift, always useful, and handmade with love!