I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Monday, August 6, 2018

The last mason jar on the back of my shirt has been finished

if you have not read about this in my other post, you 
can click onto this link  Mason Jar Shirt
 about the beginning 
of the work on this shirt

This jar had small flowers that remind me of wild roses, 
mixed with berries to go with the berry jam

and a couple stalks of wheat
The first jar has Queen Ann's Lace

The second jar has forget me nots and poppies

here are the jars when I first tinted the design

and here they are, all embroidered 

I now need to embroider the upper back, the sleeves, and the front..
I have many hours of stitching ahead.
Still not sure if I will wear this when I go to town or 
if I will just enjoy wearing it at home in my gardens.
So tell me
what are you busy creating?
I would love to hear!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Christmas..........in July...........

this year has slipped by so quickly...........
and as  I stitch and  work on projects, 
I start to think about the upcoming Christmas holidays and 
whether I want to start making things to give away 
for Christmas presents. Last year I crocheted snowflakes.
This year however, I feel the need to "slow down" 
and to just enjoy working on the projects I 
have "in progress" and to "just enjoy".......and keep things simple

just enjoy the holiday music, the holiday
baking and the holiday company.......
without the stress of gifts.........
without the worry
of whether or not a person will like the gift I made,
without the stress of having all gifts made on time.......

do you ever feel that way? 
this month, I have embroidered another small piece.
Not sure as of yet, what I will do  with these,
but they are a joy to embroider.

I also finished another crocheted doily that I have been long 
wanting to crochet from one of my 1953 crochet booklets.

It came out as pretty as I had hoped it would.
Speaking of holidays...........I found the most wonderful
cake recipe and  gave it a try.  
It is called a Granny Cake
Some of you may already know this cake.....
but it is full of flavor, tender, and moist! 
It makes a nice size cake for company or gatherings.
If you would like the recipe, it is on my cooking blog .
Just click onto this link
So tell me..........what are you growing in your gardens at this time 
of year?  What are you keeping your hands busy creating?
Are you also thinking about Christmas in July??
I would love to hear!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

For the past few weeks......I have dropped my embroidery needle and thimble..........

and have picked up my crochet hook . 
Because, for the longest time, I have been wanting to make
this lovely doily. 
From my collection of vintage crochet booklets, 
this is called Ripened Wheat from 1953

Once I started it.......I could not stop!

Now it is finished.  It turned out as pretty as I had hoped.
The pattern was a very good pattern.  
I hope to make more of these as I am stashing them away for each 
of my children to have one day. 

Now I have started another one which is called
"Popcorn and Pineapples"
A little bit more work, but turning out to be just 
as pretty.
So tell me, what are your hand creating these days?
I would love to hear!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A few years ago...........and a few miles down the road from our home

a large patch of lovely wild, pink, primrose were
growing and blowing in the wild Texas wind......
right on the corner of a worn country road.
I just had to have a few for my flower bed at home! 

One day, while they were still blooming, 
my husband and I went........with a shovel, and a pail 
of wet, soggy, paper towels.......and dug a clump of 
these up.  

Now, every year, they sprout up .......
with the patch growing larger and more lovely...........
 the peaceful worn out country road , where they had been dug up from,  has become a 
heavily traveled road with oil and refinery trucks growling 
their way back and forth.  
The lovely patch of flowers that once grew there
are gone.........killed by the heavy traffic and turmoil 
of the hot road.
I am so glad that  I save just one small clump! 
I walk out each morning.......and see them.........and smile
with the memory of my patient husband helping me
to dig them up .

These lovely flowers, inspired me to  embroider a southern belle 
in her lovely flower garden.......hoping one day
I might have has many pretty flowers in mine!

I think it is actually illegal to dig up wildflowers along the highway........
but this was once a peaceful country road..........in the middle of nowhere.........
and when we pass by that same spot...........now so barren and hard packed............
I think my husband and I are the only ones who knew that
 lovely primrose once grew there.
Who knows how long these flowers will live in the garden here...........I hope at
least until I have passed on.
How about you?   
Do you ever see pretty flowers on a long lost country road
and dig up or pick a few? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The fields and the prairie here are filling up with wildflowers......

giving me much inspiration for my embroidery work. 
A large majority of these flowers are daisies. 
There are several different types of daisy in yellow,
and there are several different types of daisy in 
These are call ox-eyed daisy because of their large centers. 
They have a broad type petal.

These are longer and taller daisies with large button
like centers and slender white petals. 

and I am always drawn to these very tiny white daisies that are only a 
few inches high and the flower is only about the size of a large match head.
They grow in large sprawling clumps along the ground and 
look so cheery. 

So  I decided to work them into my embroidery .
I usually stay away from white thread floss for flowers,
but this really worked for this flower basket.......
don't you think?

There are also other colorful wildflowers growing in 
in abundance and at this moment the air is filled with
their fragrance. 

What is better ......than to take a long walk with the one you love
and to be given a bouquet of wildflowers??
How about you?
Do you have wildflowers popping up around you?
What is your favorite?
I would love  to hear?

Saturday, March 24, 2018

This is the day and time

when email and texting is more convenient, cheaper, and much more faster
than sitting down with paper and pen to keep in touch with 
those we love. 
However, I still have a tiny amount of friends that I exchange letters with
and no matter what...........I still love to send a card ..........
in the mail........to those who are special to me
and who are having a important day or event happening 
in their lives.
Along with a card, a letter or short note.......
I sometimes like to put in a little surprise to give
some extra "cheer".

Sometimes it might just be a bird feather or a pressed flower that 
I have found on one of my walks........
or sometimes it is a little handmade embroidered bookmark, or crocheted 
snowflake.  And now......
I am making these tiny little  coaster doilies.

Where I came up with the idea to work on these is from the 
large stash of coaster/doilies that a dear friend gave
to me a while back.  They had been in a box in storage 
and some were heavily stained. I spent some time soaking and 
laundering until they came out nice . 

Some have crocheted edging, some with battenburg lace edging, and 
all in different shapes and sizes.  Some have just plain fabric centers
and some have white embroidered scrolls along the edges of  the centers.
But what to do with them??? There are so many! 

Then came my idea to embroider cheerful small motifs in the centers
to place with the card in an envelope to send 

a little cheer along the way!

These sweet little pieces have so many different uses..............

pretty as little coasters to dress up any table............

perfect to place dishes or vases on...........

and pretty for a vanity.
 I have so many that I will make enough 
for those special people on special occasions.........
and I am also going to make a few sets for my Etsy and vintage shop
for those who also want to send along a little cheer!

Spring is here and flowers are starting to show themselves in my gardens. 
So I leave you with this thought in the above photo 
and send my wishes for warm pretty spring days! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

All my scattering moments..................

are taken up with my needle.  
Ellen Birdseye Wheaton, 1851
how about you? 
what are your scattering moments taken up with?
I would love to hear!