I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lately, I have allowed things into my life that really stress me...........mostly from trying to make others......happy

now it's time for me to put everything on hold
no explanations, no excuses as to why,
I am just simply and kindly saying 
to emails, texts, ........expectations
and sinking myself into a quiet solitude of unplugging.

Trying to  please everyone is a recipe for stress,
misery, and frustration.  
Note to self:  No matter how hard I try, 
I can never please everyone.

I am not leaving my blog, I am just unplugging from demands and expectations of others.
How about you?
Ever felt this way??

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Although my needle has been working every day..........

and up into the late hours of evening..........I do not 
have much that's new to show you yet.  
That is the situation
when it comes to those who work with needle and thread.....
(as most of you can agree........)
one project takes such a great amount of time to finish!
Hopefully, in a week or two..........I will be able to 
say.........."I am finished!" with my current project
and can excitedly tell you about a new project! 
So, I will leave you with 
 an embroidered piece for this month of March. ( this is one of 12 coasters in a set 
that I embroidered a few years back)
How about you?  Are you completely absorbed in 
stitching or creating something.......that, 
no matter what, you are determined to finish before
you start something else? I would love to hear! 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A pieced ,blossoming basket

has come together after 5 months of planning, cutting, marking, stitching, and embroidering.............
all by hand. 
You may remember I posted on this post
about Grace Snyder who inspired me to make my own quilt block.
by cutting hundreds of tiny triangles

which, when sewn together, make very tiny squares.

I decided to make a different basket design than the one
shown in the vintage quilt book

I hand cut and hand stitched each little piece

I then embellished it with my own hand embroidery

adding french knots and .....if  you look closely,
thorns to the rose stems,

and a lot of little lazy daisy stitches

I wanted  a pointed border frame to run around the design 

All together there are 3,200 triangles
which when sewn together make 1600 squares that
are 3/4 ".
the quilt, at the moment measures 28" X 22"  It will be a wall hanging.
I now need to place the batting and the back fabric on ,
and then hand quilt it all together.
I think I will name this quilt
" My Summer Basket" 
what do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2019

A sneak preview of a project........... and a story about an amazing quilt artist

Grace Snyder
My imagination and inspiration to put my embroidery needle aside and to make a quilt block,  came to me when I discovered Grace Snyder,
quietly hiding in a vintage quilt book that I thumbed through to pass time, while sitting outside in the truck,  waiting for my husband as he browsed in a parts store.  
I am not sure about how you feel, but for me, going inside of a parts store holds no intrigue what so ever ......so  I grab any interesting book I  can find at a nearby vintage store, as my save from boredom and impatience,  while my husband happily browses. 
As I casually turned the pages.........this stunning image stopped
me, and I had to read the small article about this quilt........with the creator's name
Grace Snyder,
leaving me to want to find out more about this amazing 
quilt artist.  I researched her and.........oh my.........what an
amazing story she has!  I have included this link to a wonderful
video about her and her quilts.   

The pattern for the lovely quilt was also in the book and easy to follow,
however, I wanted to see if I could make a quilt block a little different.
I  chose a design that  I felt could  be
pretty and enjoyable to work with.
Incorporating the method for this block, with the design I chose,  I
started hand tracing and hand cutting the tiniest of triangles
and hand stitched them all one by one, together. 

I started this "block" October 4, 2018,  which is 
the reason I am showing you a "sneak preview" .....because
of the time it is taking...........who knows when I will completely finish!
Getting the seams to line up, is also tedious and I already realize some things 
that I would have done differently.  In fact, I almost decided to quit and put this away........
however, the colors and the desire to see what it will look like , when finished,
made me press on.  I am keeping a journal on it , as I work from 
day to day.  
I have so much to do throughout the day from cooking, cleaning and such,
that I only get to enjoy stitching on it in the late afternoon..........which
is another reason it is taking so much time to finish. 

Now I am glad that I have kept working on it. 
One thing I realized, as I am working through this block.........
that it is probably going to be a "small quilt" 
instead of a block for a large quilt.  I really don't think I want to make 12 or more of these for a quilt. 
When I actually finish, I will let you know what the
actual size of this will be.  
So tell me.........have you heard of Grace Snyder.......or any other 
wonderful "pioneer" quilt artist?
Do you have a favorite quilt block?
I would love to hear!