Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Hi, and welcome! The whole purpose of this blog is to share my passion for hand embroidery. I love hand embroidered linens throughout the home and I am always busy designing and stitching. This blog is to show what I am designing , working on, and dreaming about, and to share the love of embroidered stitching along the way with you! I love to hear and to see what others are creating. Enjoy your visit and please feel free to comment or email me if you would like to do so!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Calling all fabric lovers and quilters!!

A dear friend is a quilter, new quilt designer, and now is designing fabric.......
which can also be gift wrap or wall paper! 
Here are just a few of her pretty designs.................

serendipity Americana



Her name is Jane Smith and there is much more to see by checking out her website by clicking onto this link

and you can say hello to Jane by visiting her Facebook page

Friday, June 19, 2015

Broken threads and fragile holes

make these precious vintage baby sweaters......

I cannot resist them

even if they have a few holes that cannot be repaired.
The work on these charming garments are amazing.
I have had them for awhile and finally came up with an idea to show them off

I placed them on vintage print paper and framed them.

Now the lovely work that goes into these sweet pieces

can be preserved and admired.
How about you? Do you still have your baby sweaters or hats?
What do you do with them?
I would love to hear!

If you go to my country living blog you can read about these baby coons that wound up on the grounds this past week.
Just click onto this link

Friday, June 5, 2015

I opened my vintage shop with the soul purpose........and dream

 to hand embroider linens to match the vintage items in my shop.
My shop is overflowing with vintage dishware, glassware, and a few pieces like this set in the above photo.  Some pieces sit in "waiting" until I find the right design and idea on how to incorporate them together. 
This 1960s wall hanging set had me picturing a vintage bathroom...........
so I decided upon this design ......from Aunt Martha's transfers. 
And you know me by now.........
I cant just embroider the lines as it shows........
I have to add my own few stitches.........

here is" before"..............

here is "after".
I found an antique gold color floss and added extra embroidery to the wing tips of the bird

here is "before"

here is "after"

Here is " before"
Since I chose light shades of pink ,I wanted the flowers to still stand out

Here is "after" 
I embroidered the flowers in long and short stitch and worked clusters of gold french knots for the centers. I also worked the leaves in closed fly stitch.

Here is the whole picture. 
If I had chosen this design to embroider before finding the vintage wall hangings, 
 I would have embroidered the birds in blue........I am most sure.
So the gold gave me a whole new perspective in embroidery. 

I purchased a beautiful pink bath towel with matching washcloth and cut the bird embroidery into an oval shape. I then edge finished the embroidered piece in closed buttonhole stitch  and stitched it onto the towel. 

Now I have a offer.
How about you? 
Do you have favorite vintage pieces that you still like to use?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

74 different designs are hand embroidered

on this one cotton cloth. Once again.........I was rummaging through a dusty  junk place and wadded in a basket of mix match tattered linens was this breath taking piece
(with no stains or holes)
I think the whole store heard me gasp and cry out with glee as I clung the piece close to me and took off like a chicken with a prize worm. 
Someone worked so many hours on this and it looks to have never been used. 
Each design has been carefully and accurately placed to balance out the cloth. It has been hand hemmed 
It is the size of a queen size bed and I am thinking that maybe the person who stitched this was planning on making it into a quilt perhaps? or maybe just a lovely spread for the bed?

There is a mixture of flower designs

stitched so excellently and in such vibrant colors. 

There are also beautifully stitched Southern belles.

Some designs are very vintage

Each one in perfect hand embroidery 

and well thought out color scheme. 

My dilemma...........I collect vintage linens
I sell vintage linens........
I can't decide whether to sell this piece or to hang onto it.
I don't feel it fits our bedroom really is very feminine maybe more for a young girl/teens room or a single lady.
I am really on the fence with this one.
I can't decide on what to use it for except to store it away in my collection ...........
what do you think?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I often find vintage pillowcase sets

with lovely hand embroidery and drawn thread work on them...........but many of them are either heavily stained.......or have tears and holes.
Because of this, they are usually not looked at and not wanted.
So I am thrilled to find them. I take them home, soak them, wash them and decide whether they can be repaired or re-purposed.  This set came out clean and spotless, but the body of the pillowcase had too many holes.  

So I salvaged the hand embroidery and drawn thread work and then sewed them onto pretty floral print fabric and added some of my own embroidery stitches. 

I then added hand crocheted trim

and turned them into a set of pretty his and hers hand towels. 
Making them into a " something old, something new, something blue set" perfect for  the newly wed, or as a house warming gift.........or for a guest bathroom.

I found the sweetest little porcelain, hand painted tub soap dish

that matched the towels perfectly to make a sweet set.
It always goes back to a saying I remember, 
Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or 
do without.
Do you remember that?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do you love to look at inspirational magazines

filled with beautiful pictures and interesting artists, and lovely things to make?
I know I do! 
I cant wait for one to come out on the stands or to have it arrive in the mail box.
I make a special time that I can sit down and just enjoy reading..........looking.........and dreaming.
I want to introduce you to Pamela Kellogg, publisher and designer of a 
 wonderful website  Kitty and Me Designs
                          and a lovely quarterly magazine  Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine                                 magazine Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine
I have been introduced to Pamela and her magazine by the publication of my miniature crazy quilt that will be published in her Autumn issue in August. 
Pamela 's blog is full of inspirational ideas, tutorials, free printable designs, quilting resources and more.There is also a place where you can order the magazine for yourself. I will post my crazy quilt here when the time comes.......but for now stop by Pamela's blog or facebook  and her other partners in the business Mary Anne Richardson, Cathy Kizerian, Kathy Shaw  you can find a link to their Facebook through Pamela;s blog. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nature is my inspiration in much of my embroidery work

A little while  a summer that was very dry and hot......this whimsical creature caught my eye

and inspired me to one day remember it is stitches.
How about you?
What inspires you to stitch......paint........or create?