I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A few weeks back, I showed you a table runner

I have started embroidery work on..........after years of it
being stored away.

There is a large cornucopia on both ends. I decided to embroider
both ends at the same time so that I would get them finished
and out of the way.  

There are 2 fruit clusters on each side

The table runner is a very good large size..........
enough to cover a good length of the table.......
and now, the embroidery work has been finished on it.

I still need to finish embroidering the napkins...which won't take 
me long.  Although I do plan to use this set on our 
Thanksgiving table............

it looks lovely used along with the plates with a fruit pattern 
and with dishware in different shades of green.
I have another idea for this runner............
but that will be way down the road. 
So, for now, it will be enjoyed as it is.
Tell me..........
do you have certain linens that you like to use for 
your holiday table?  I would love to hear!

Friday, September 14, 2018

In my vintage shop............I have a vintage table

I love to set it ,at different times, with 
a different tablecloth

a mix of vintage plates, serving pieces, 

and vintage glassware and teacups

Each vintage piece just seems to always fit in

 The old table comes to life in it's own vintage way
Lovely vintage serving bowls also add charm
Sometimes, I hand embroider coasters and napkins, 
and sometimes, I use a set of vintage napkins

An inviting table for family and guests
If I don't have enough place mats, I often use vintage 
embroidered dresser runners, folded to serve as such

Sometimes, I set complete sets of dishware 
for  a lovely farmhouse look

 Take time enough for your meals, and eat them in company whenever you can. 
There is no need for hurry in life—least of all when we are eating. 
Edward Everett Hale, "How to Get the Best of It," c.1892

Thursday, August 30, 2018

I fell in love with this 1930s garden scene linen

that someone had started embroidery work on. I purchased 
a junk box of old linens, and this was inside. 
It was heavily stained

and I set about soaking it...........two times, yet 
the stains were still very noticeable.  I thought about
soaking it once again for a long term, but noticed
that the embroidery transfer was also fading and I did '
not want to lose the embroidery lines. 

So I retraced over all of the transfer design with a very fine
tip micron  pen, after that,

I lightly tinted the whole design , covering much of the stains.
Some of the embroidery work was also very loose and 

and some of the design I did not like the choice of embroidery stitch,
So, some of the embroidery stitching I let stay, because it really is pretty.
For the frayed stitching, I removed and will work other embroidery over it.
I will show you different sections as I work on this piece over the next few weeks......months?
Such as the photoed section  above. I decided to work on this upper corner first.
  The black lattice was very frayed and 
I dd not like the turquoise roses   

I decided to work red bullion roses with a green spray of leaves
and  the pine shrub in the back 

I chose to work in a darker green

Along with this work I am also working on this set
that I received as a present many,many years ago.
I never seemed to "get around" to start embroidery work
with it.  I want so to have this completed by Halloween
or Thanksgiving

The only hurdle........this is how the chart is........sigh
The company double printed it.
Have any of you ever had this problem with a chart? 

and it is a struggle to read.  I had once emailed the company to see
if they could replace the chart for me......but they said it was 
out of print. However, I have a great sewing light and good
sewing glasses

and the embroidery is coming along well. 

I am embroidering both ends of the table runner at 
the same time. The reason??........
If I have a large design such as this on both ends of a table 
runner, I tend to tire after I have finished the first end and 
take a long time getting to work on the other. This way , I 
will have both ends finished at the same time!
Do you ever do that??

Now I just have to keep working at it to get it all done.........
as long as I prevent myself from getting bit by a rattlesnake.
You can read about what almost happened to me yesterday morning
on my country blog at this link
How about you?  Are you working on something 
to decorate with for the holidays? 
I would love to hear!

Monday, August 6, 2018

The last mason jar on the back of my shirt has been finished

if you have not read about this in my other post, you 
can click onto this link  Mason Jar Shirt
 about the beginning 
of the work on this shirt

This jar had small flowers that remind me of wild roses, 
mixed with berries to go with the berry jam

and a couple stalks of wheat
The first jar has Queen Ann's Lace

The second jar has forget me nots and poppies

here are the jars when I first tinted the design

and here they are, all embroidered 

I now need to embroider the upper back, the sleeves, and the front..
I have many hours of stitching ahead.
Still not sure if I will wear this when I go to town or 
if I will just enjoy wearing it at home in my gardens.
So tell me
what are you busy creating?
I would love to hear!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Christmas..........in July...........

this year has slipped by so quickly...........
and as  I stitch and  work on projects, 
I start to think about the upcoming Christmas holidays and 
whether I want to start making things to give away 
for Christmas presents. Last year I crocheted snowflakes.
This year however, I feel the need to "slow down" 
and to just enjoy working on the projects I 
have "in progress" and to "just enjoy".......and keep things simple

just enjoy the holiday music, the holiday
baking and the holiday company.......
without the stress of gifts.........
without the worry
of whether or not a person will like the gift I made,
without the stress of having all gifts made on time.......

do you ever feel that way? 
this month, I have embroidered another small piece.
Not sure as of yet, what I will do  with these,
but they are a joy to embroider.

I also finished another crocheted doily that I have been long 
wanting to crochet from one of my 1953 crochet booklets.

It came out as pretty as I had hoped it would.
Speaking of holidays...........I found the most wonderful
cake recipe and  gave it a try.  
It is called a Granny Cake
Some of you may already know this cake.....
but it is full of flavor, tender, and moist! 
It makes a nice size cake for company or gatherings.
If you would like the recipe, it is on my cooking blog .
Just click onto this link
So tell me..........what are you growing in your gardens at this time 
of year?  What are you keeping your hands busy creating?
Are you also thinking about Christmas in July??
I would love to hear!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

For the past few weeks......I have dropped my embroidery needle and thimble..........

and have picked up my crochet hook . 
Because, for the longest time, I have been wanting to make
this lovely doily. 
From my collection of vintage crochet booklets, 
this is called Ripened Wheat from 1953

Once I started it.......I could not stop!

Now it is finished.  It turned out as pretty as I had hoped.
The pattern was a very good pattern.  
I hope to make more of these as I am stashing them away for each 
of my children to have one day. 

Now I have started another one which is called
"Popcorn and Pineapples"
A little bit more work, but turning out to be just 
as pretty.
So tell me, what are your hand creating these days?
I would love to hear!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A few years ago...........and a few miles down the road from our home

a large patch of lovely wild, pink, primrose were
growing and blowing in the wild Texas wind......
right on the corner of a worn country road.
I just had to have a few for my flower bed at home! 

One day, while they were still blooming, 
my husband and I went........with a shovel, and a pail 
of wet, soggy, paper towels.......and dug a clump of 
these up.  

Now, every year, they sprout up .......
with the patch growing larger and more lovely...........
 the peaceful worn out country road , where they had been dug up from,  has become a 
heavily traveled road with oil and refinery trucks growling 
their way back and forth.  
The lovely patch of flowers that once grew there
are gone.........killed by the heavy traffic and turmoil 
of the hot road.
I am so glad that  I save just one small clump! 
I walk out each morning.......and see them.........and smile
with the memory of my patient husband helping me
to dig them up .

These lovely flowers, inspired me to  embroider a southern belle 
in her lovely flower garden.......hoping one day
I might have has many pretty flowers in mine!

I think it is actually illegal to dig up wildflowers along the highway........
but this was once a peaceful country road..........in the middle of nowhere.........
and when we pass by that same spot...........now so barren and hard packed............
I think my husband and I are the only ones who knew that
 lovely primrose once grew there.
Who knows how long these flowers will live in the garden here...........I hope at
least until I have passed on.
How about you?   
Do you ever see pretty flowers on a long lost country road
and dig up or pick a few?