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I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Hi, and welcome! The whole purpose of this blog is to share my passion for hand embroidery. I love hand embroidered linens throughout the home and I am always busy designing and stitching. This blog is to show what I am designing , working on, and dreaming about, and to share the love of embroidered stitching along the way with you! I love to hear and to see what others are creating. Enjoy your visit and please feel free to comment or email me if you would like to do so!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My great niece was born just a short month ago........

                       making my sister-in-law a new grandmother. I wanted her to have something special to mark this special milestone with..............
I had a few linen...........what  are actually vintage  napkins.........but with them being so thin........I decided to make something different with them. 
I traced this bird and flowers onto one.

and began my hand embroidery work............

working the cut work method that I often love to do.

On one corner, I then embroidered the phrase.......
" when a child is are grandmothers"

on another corner, I embroidered the baby's name and date of birth.

I did not want to crochet and edging because I wanted it to be light and dainty.....
so I worked an edging with my needle in variegated pink thread

giving the whole piece a pretty look

and turning the vintage napkin ..........into a keepsake handkerchief
I think I will do this each time my sister-in-law has a new grand baby.
I new family tradition.......of sorts.
How about you?
What special treasures do you create for those special moments in one's life?
I would love to hear!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As most of you know I opened my vintage dishware and linen shop ( Yesteryear) over a year ago

many of you told me that soon people would show up..........
you were right! 
I don't have a steady stream of customers......
only a few at a time........
mostly because of how far away I live out of town.

But ....that's okay..........I love the whole process of 
being a "shop owner".

I love finding dishware and other vintage treasures to fill my shop with.
And also since many of you know how long it takes to embroider and finish  a  piece.....
while I am stitching away.........I don't have much to talk about here on  my blog...........
until my stitched piece is finished. So in between the stitches........
I want to show you some of the unique and sweet pieces from "yesteryear"
that is in my shop

Isn't this the cutest figurine ever?

She has never been used. A pretty pink vintage" A Mothers Work Is Never Done by Enesco Japan 1950s  Such a sweet figurine....... Still has the label on the inside of dish ( which reads, USE MY BASKET FOR HOLDING SOAPS, SCOURING PADS, ETC.) I have seen photos where the label is missing and the word " scouring pad" is written on the basket.

This would also be perfect to hold rings while doing the dishes or even to hold thimbles in someone's sewing space.............don't you think?. 
Even perfect as a surprise in  a Christmas stocking!

On the bottom the tag says by Enesco Japan This is an excellent condition vintage figurine, pink glazing is excellent. She measures almost 6" high. and 4 1/2 " wide. There are no chips, cracks,crazing......after all of these years.........she is still in wonderful condition.
When I first found was hard to decide if I really wanted to sell her or stash her in my collection.........
however, my first advice when opening my shop............from a friend who has been in the antique business for over 50 years.......was
find the things that give your shop the "feel" you want.........
then decide whether you are going to "be married" to that piece or if you can let it go.
So...........I decided I can let her go.........
and my friend is right............she is the perfect kind of item I want to sell in both my Etsy and my vintage shop. She may sit on a shelf for a long time.........or someone will fall in love with her and take her home. 
That is the whole "wonderfulness" of having a vintage shop.
How about you?
Do you collect figurines............or maybe dishes?
I would love to hear!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's not what you look at that matters,

it's what you see. 
Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I finally sold the very heavy and large industrial

sewing machine that has been taking up space in my shop since the first day I opened.
Now that it is gone.........I once again have a "creative spot" to work my embroidery and design.

When I am in the middle of counted cross stitch or drawing out a design, I want to unplug and be away from the distraction of television or computer.
I have been spending much of my time here.........stitching the hours away.

I cannot believe it is already October. This is my favorite time of year.
However, it seems to be my busiest time of year. 
There is so much to do to end the work of the grounds and 
so much to do to start up the work for the holidays.

You might remember that I showed you a baby quilt that I made for my "great niece" that had not yet arrived? she is........all in just 6 . 7 pounds.
Baby Taylee has now made me a " Great Aunt"!

So tell me..........what are you working on with fall time here?
Are you working on Christmas projects?
I would love to hear!
Also.......speaking of the holidays.....
I have found a wonderful pie .......perfect for the holiday table.
Cranberry Cheese Crumb Pie
Visit my cooking blog for the recipe

Sunday, September 27, 2015

While the morning glory climbs

the antique fence and blooms in different colors

I work my needle to create the perfect blooms on a linen tablecloth

It only takes a glance for me to get inspiration from nature

and to then  try to interpret it from floss

and into stitch. 
 I just wish I could be as fast at making them bloom as they do in the garden!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Rock- a- bye baby quilt is finished!

and is on it's way to wait in the nursery and to welcome in the new baby!
as you remember from my last post, my niece is decorating her nursery in black and white with a "rock music " theme.

I designed the quilt with the hand embroidery and applique motifs in the middle.......

I chose a pretty black, white, and gray fabric for the back of the quilt

I looks pretty quilted........

I also quilted large blocks of my niece's favorite colors to fill up the space............

And about 2 in the early morning hours............I put in the last stitch.
No matter what it is I am stitching on...........from a cross stitch picture........embroidered table a small quilt.........
I am always thrilled to be finished...........but always feel completely drained..........
do you fee that way when your finish a project? But by that same hands feel anxious to get to work on a new project.
Besides making my own children's quilts when they wee small........this is the first baby quilt I have made in a long time.
Tell many baby quilts or blankest have you made over the years?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When my niece announced that she was having a baby,

I wanted to make a crib quilt for her. I learned that she wants a black and white nursery, but also likes the colors of  Tiffany blue, pink and light pink, and royal purple.............
but the most challenging............she wants a "rock music" theme for it all.
I started drawing off what I thought rock music instruments should be but I also wanted something a little whimsical and something that said " baby"
So for this " Rock-a-bye" quilt  I designed and hand embroidered  a colorful "song bird" in the colors that she likes

the bird sings a string of colorful embroidered  notes

that float down to a colorful embroidered bar of music

I then appliqued an electric guitar with embroidered bars and strings, as well as a cluster of flowers and leaves on the corner

I then embroidered a keyboard and appliqued the black keys

and I embroidered a set of drumsticks

I appliqued a set of drums in the blue that my niece likes with the baby's name embroidered on the center of the drum. 

My niece was very close to her grandparents who have already passed away. I however had a shirt and a dress that I had asked from them years ago to make special things for the family with.
So with that fabric, I appliqued and embroidered one butterfly from her grandfather's shirt and one butterfly from her grandmother's in that way,  they would still be a part of this wonderful celebration of life.
All of this is the center of the quilt.  I still need to remove all of the basting stitches...........I have now to stitch some colored blocks on and then to add a lovely black and white backing.............then I have to hand quilt it all together.
I hope to have this all finished and on it's way by the end of next week...........
think I can do it??
I sure hope I can! 
I have noticed that more and more new mothers are getting very un-traditional when it comes to decorating their nurseries..........
marking their own path and fixing their own nest the way they want.
It's refreshing and delightful to hear of the many different ideas of nurseries these days.
How about you.
Have your heard of a different kind of nursery instead of baby animals and story book characters?
I would love to hear!