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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do you remember these?

Going through the Christmas things the other day, I came upon these vintage santa mugs I had wrapped into paper and put away in a box. The large ones are from elementary school Christmas parties long ago, and the small ones I rescued from a yard sale. I remember the candy M&M's had been placed in the ones I got at the parties. These all have the word "Japan" on the bottom, and I think they originated in the 50's, however, I was a child in the 60's. I have not been to a child's school Christmas party in years and I'm not even sure if such treasures are handed out like this anymore. In fact, in the limited selection of stores in my area, I have not seen any replicas of these. For now, these whimsical little fellows will keep me company in my kitchen, but I feel compelled to find another space for them after Christmas instead of stuffing them back into a box.

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Jane S. said...

I've got a whole set of those mugs, and a giant Santa head punchbowl with ladle. My husband's grandmother was a china painter and had a kiln in her basement, and she painted the set. There isn't anything printed on the bottom of the mugs or punchbowl, so I suspect that she got the "blanks" somewhere and then painted them as she wanted. Each Santa mug is a little bit different from the others. I love to put it out for the holidays. It's been part of our family for a long, long time now!