I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, January 14, 2019

A sneak preview of a project........... and a story about an amazing quilt artist

Grace Snyder
My imagination and inspiration to put my embroidery needle aside and to make a quilt block,  came to me when I discovered Grace Snyder,
quietly hiding in a vintage quilt book that I thumbed through to pass time, while sitting outside in the truck,  waiting for my husband as he browsed in a parts store.  
I am not sure about how you feel, but for me, going inside of a parts store holds no intrigue what so ever ......so  I grab any interesting book I  can find at a nearby vintage store, as my save from boredom and impatience,  while my husband happily browses. 
As I casually turned the pages.........this stunning image stopped
me, and I had to read the small article about this quilt........with the creator's name
Grace Snyder,
leaving me to want to find out more about this amazing 
quilt artist.  I researched her and.........oh my.........what an
amazing story she has!  I have included this link to a wonderful
video about her and her quilts.   

The pattern for the lovely quilt was also in the book and easy to follow,
however, I wanted to see if I could make a quilt block a little different.
I  chose a design that  I felt could  be
pretty and enjoyable to work with.
Incorporating the method for this block, with the design I chose,  I
started hand tracing and hand cutting the tiniest of triangles
and hand stitched them all one by one, together. 

I started this "block" October 4, 2018,  which is 
the reason I am showing you a "sneak preview" .....because
of the time it is taking...........who knows when I will completely finish!
Getting the seams to line up, is also tedious and I already realize some things 
that I would have done differently.  In fact, I almost decided to quit and put this away........
however, the colors and the desire to see what it will look like , when finished,
made me press on.  I am keeping a journal on it , as I work from 
day to day.  
I have so much to do throughout the day from cooking, cleaning and such,
that I only get to enjoy stitching on it in the late afternoon..........which
is another reason it is taking so much time to finish. 

Now I am glad that I have kept working on it. 
One thing I realized, as I am working through this block.........
that it is probably going to be a "small quilt" 
instead of a block for a large quilt.  I really don't think I want to make 12 or more of these for a quilt. 
When I actually finish, I will let you know what the
actual size of this will be.  
So tell me.........have you heard of Grace Snyder.......or any other 
wonderful "pioneer" quilt artist?
Do you have a favorite quilt block?
I would love to hear! 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

No words......

just a pretty photograph, a memory to share of a stitch or two,
a moment to just slow down, to savour, and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


"January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior 
striding a shadowy steed of snow." 
              Edgar Fawcett

A new year is here.  I have many plans and projects for 
this year that I hope to learn how to do, ..........and to finish.
I have spent the last few weeks sorting and organizing my stash
of floss, yarns, and fabrics. 
I have decided to try my best......and I do mean......try
to use up and to work on what I already have instead of 
purchasing something else.......
.but oh my, 
how hard it is to resist all of the pretty new patterns and
materials that are offered wherever I turn! 
This week, I am sharing 5 simple things 
that I enjoyed this past week......
1. I am happy to have put the Christmas trees and decorations
2. Our youngest son flew home to visit, adding  joy to our holiday.
3. A nest full of tiny eggs, from tiny chickens,  comes from the henhouse. 
4. Miniature roses are still blooming on my inside windowsill .
5. We had a peaceful and quiet New Year's eve.
So tell me...........
do you have plenty of projects and materials to finish up.........or do you have plans
for something new to try?  I would love to see and hear!
Here's wishing that something simple and enjoyable comes your 
way this week!