I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exploring the world of petit point

As always, through my embroidery journey, I am always looking to learn about new techniques or new stitches...................
and as most of you know, my passion is embroidery with a vintage look. These past few weeks I have been researching petit point...........a form of needlepoint.........just worked on a smaller weave of canvas. Berlin work charts that depict clusters of roses , violets and forget me nots, have always captured my attention. I could write a post that would go on forever about Berlin work,  as well as Nowotny charts out of Vienna............... 
however, I will spare you that.
Isn't the rose spray above just lovely?
I can see this stitched onto a pale pink bath towel, can't you?   If you are interested in the charts an the history of such,  just check out these in the wonderful world of the Internet.........there is much to read. However,  I have found it to be a little more difficult to find about petit point............although there is a wealth of instruction on needlepoint. They actually are sisters in the needlework world.

I am in awe of the beautiful artwork and craftsmanship that went into making these beautiful charts.I would love a petit point purse like this...........even if I am wearing jeans! What do you think??

The designers were quite talented. So now, after my research and hunting, I now have my threads and linens ready...............

and I just got this wonderful book, full of pictures, charts, patterns and instructions. The charts above came from this edition. I am in the middle, but almost finished with a previous embroidery project............and I am about to dive into the world of petit point. I hope I will have something stitched soon to show to you. If you are interested in this wonderful form of  needlework, the book can be found on Amazon and if you click onto this link
http://www.gittas.com/FreeStuff/Instructions/Petit_Point.htm, you can find instructions to do petit point.
Are you already familiar with this kind of work? Or do you do needlepoint?
I would love to hear!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the corner of my studio,

there is an old dresser, it's drawers lined with vintage floral paper prints,
and full of hand embroidered samples of my work.

Strands of floss lie in wait for the next project that will soon be started.

In the center of the dresser, a missing drawer left a perfect space for small wooden boxes to fit. These boxes are full of metal thimbles,.............some handed down from family, some found in sewing boxes from estate sells.......each one, to me, has a story to tell.

There are also the collection of delightful ceramic thimbles, purchased from traveling friends and family, and brought home to me.

A large jar of buttons, some from the clothing of family members........and some from the children who have grown up and left the nest............sits on top of the dresser. Keeping company along with it is

an old jar, in which I think pickles might have come in, and that I rescued from a heap of broken jars,which holds a collection of small wooden spools of thread.

my designing pencils stand gathered together in an old tea canister, that belonged to a set given as a wedding gift so many years ago.

A set of miniature sewing boxes hold the many pins, needles and bobbins that I work with from day to day.

There is also a cheery lace curtained window, which gives the best light for me to work in,

and a wonderful view of the woods that surround the farmhouse.........where I can find inspiration at all hours of the day.
Now, tell me about your studio or creative space.......
Do you have shelves of supplies or do you use dressers?
Do you have a window or do you have special lighting?
What gives you inspiration?
I would love to hear!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I have been stitching

the late night hours away on this...........
 I won't show you the whole thing..............until I have finished............do you already know what it might be?
And of course..........no matter what I might be stitching on at the moment, designs and other linens call out to me............and I can't wait to begin to stitch on those. Pillowcases really have that effect on me. I enjoy embroidering pillowcases more than any thing...........I think.

I have really grown to love the vintage poppy designs. I love their petally blossoms and the thorny little stems. To me, they just really show the charm of yesteryear.
How about you? What do you like to work on the most?
I would love to hear.

Monday, May 2, 2011