I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have added the extra touches to the pillowcases

that I posted about last week.
(click onto photos for a better view)
I added a lace trim and a bottom floral print edge..........

I was going to crochet the trim.........but this lace looks like hand crochet........don't you think?

Now the pillowcases have a cottage/nostalgic look to them............
what do you think?

As many of you know........I love Homer Laughlin dishware. My favorite is from my grandmother's dishes........... Virginia Rose...........in which I only have a sugar bowl(missing it's lid) , and two teacups. I have found little dessert plates and 1 small saucer.  I have loved this pattern since way back and I can't remember when.
I wondered if there were ever any dinner plates.

Yes...........there is!!  While rummaging through the dusty shelves of one of my favorite hang outs.......on the shelf were 4 dinner plates with the Virginia Rose pattern.
You can just imagine how I clung them to my chest and ran to the cashier!!

Isn't this the most beautiful pattern ever??

Now I have a wonderful set to serve my meals with! Oh yes, I am absolutely going to use them and cherish them!

Best of all............I have had these napkins...........stored away...........they still have the tags on them.
They are edged in a coral color.
I have never embroidered on them, because I felt that maybe one day, I might find the perfect dishes to go with them.............. and I could embroider a matching design...............

Now I am going to incorporate this pattern into a embroidery design for my napkins.
I think I will make a spray of the flowers............
maybe on the corners.................or should I embroider the centers??
what do you think??
I would love to hear!

Friday, January 25, 2013

I love the vibrant and petally Poppy flower..........

Yet it is the one flower I cannot seem to grow.
I know they grow in my climate, because a dear friend of mine once had them growing along her grounds. That is the first time I saw them and fell in love with them.
Have you ever grown these flowers before?

Whether they are growing in a garden,  dancing along in a field, or their beauty is captured on postcards or in books............
I think they hold a nostalgic and graceful look to them. They are what made me realize that the color red was really beautiful in embroidery.
Don't you think so?

I have several vintage designs of poppy flowers, so I decided to create a design using a tall poppy in the center, with a poppy bud on each side. I then filled in the area with small yellow daisies and grass.

I then placed a smaller poppy design on the right side along with more daisies and a few french knot flowers.............

and I then did the same on the left side.

(click on photo for a better view)
I then placed and embroidered this design onto a set of pillowcases. Now the stitch work is done, I still need to add a crocheted edge and perhaps a bottom floral edge.............
what do you think?
 How about you?
What was the one flower that caught your attention the last time you visited a garden?
If you have had luck growing poppies.............what is your advice on such?
I would love to hear!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not only does nature provide me with inspiration

for embroidery design ideas.............
(right click on photo for a better view)
but I also get much inspiration from reading other's blogs. I have become friends with so many of you because of blogging and I have been able to learn so much about the" common threads" we all share.
One such blog belongs to Kathy at Spot On Cedar Pond Blog.
She raises Jacob Sheep..............which I am totally in love with..... She raises much more, and she works her sheep wool into such wonderful yarns and tiny wee sheep figurines. Her blog is also very inspirational which led me to place the Bible verse on the piece above. 
You can visit Kathy and see all of her sheep by clicking on to this link

I wanted the sheep to look "woolly" what do you think??
Also, I always want the eyes to look real.......it really makes the character......
don't you think?

I am not that good at making hooves, so I just hid it's feet in meadow flowers.

(right click on photo for a better view)
Another delightful blog belongs to Sharon at 
Corgis In My Garden
She loves Corgis as well as vintage finds and buttons!
She also takes her beloved pets to rest homes and care facilities to make the folks happy. 
I have never tried stitching a dog as this, but I think it turned out well..........don't you?
You can visit Sharon and see what her Corgis are doing in her garden by clicking on to this link
I wanted the tongue and eyes to look real.........as well as the hair on the dogs neck area.

I always love to see potted flowers with some of their blossoms lying on the ground....don't you?

Who knows what I might find to catch my attention to embroider next?
How about you?
What types of blogs do you find inspiring?
What is your blog about and what do you love to do?
I would love to hear!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Have you ever spent time, creating something.............

thinking that you really like the way it is looking.............and then when it is finished, you find that you really do not like the end results?
That happens to me a lot. I spend a lot of time, planning, drawing out designs, and then embroidering for weeks and then after taking a good look...............I feel disappointed. This has happened to a few pillowcase sets that I have worked on.

A while back, a dark black butterfly landed on my hand and inspired me to embroider a set of pillowcases, making the butterfly look like this. I only embroidered one of the cases. Not happy with how the butterfly looked, I put the cases away.

Until the other day, I found them again and decided to pull out the embroidery I did not like and to re-stitch what I wanted. This seems much better. I finished embroidering both pillowcases,

then I crocheted the pillowcase end in the same light blue that the butterfly's wings have, and then added this sweet blue and white print fabric that has butterflies and flowers on it.

Now the set has a cottage look to it. Do you like it?

I also embroidered this vintage design onto a set of pillowcases a while back.

I love the cluster of flowers and the curve of the design.

I crocheted a white edge to the pillowcase and then added some of my very favorite vintage fabric.
Now the set has a shabby chic look........don't you think?

These cases look beautiful against a vibrant colored quilt............

or a vintage faded quilt.
How about you?
What are some things that you have created and then gone back to touch up or completely change?
I would love to hear!

Monday, January 7, 2013

To Sell or Not To Sell.........

this is the question that has been going through my mind...........and heart for awhile.
Recently, I have found a couple of new antique stores. Among their many wonderful items, I was able to find boxes of beautiful linens............all worked in cut work.............
from the 1920's to the 1930's.

Each piece is so intricately embroidered and has never been used. The labels are still attached. If you cannot read this......it says 100% linen real hand embroidery made in Portugal.
I found place mats in the settings of 8 and some to 12. Each with a matching table runner.
All corners and sides wonderfully stitched with beautiful designs.
Many of the sets are duplicate in design, which led me to the idea that I could keep a few and sell the rest. I am planning on doing this. I know that Etsy will allow me to sell vintage items as this.........but I am not sure that I want to sell through there are make my own site for these. I know Etsy would probably be the easiest for myself and for my customers. I still have much research to do on the pieces and pricing.............
What do you think? Would you be able to part with such treasures?
How would you sell them if you decided to do so?
I will let you know what I have decided to do and where to locate these linens once I have it all figured out.
Also, I finally did it!! I taught myself to knit and
after purling, knitting, pulling it all out and all over again...............
I finished knitting a dish cloth!!
It's the red one above. The blue dish cloth is one I crocheted.
I love the difference in the look that knitted items have..........don't you?
How about you?
Do you love crochet over knit..........or the other way around?
I would love to hear.