I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bit Of A Change

Most of you are aware that I have 3 blogs. This blog, for my hand embroidery, my cooking blog.....http://countrykitchenkat.blogspot.com and my country living blog.....http://eggsinmypocket.blogspot.com I have been finding it hard to find things to post about on all blogs and doing so can be very time consuming. I am keeping this blog for hand embroidery tutorials, links to interests in hand made things and also as a stitching service to everyone. My country living blog will be where I post stories about country life and all of the things that fall into living in country bliss, plus I will also post about the things I hand stitch. I am moving all of your blog name links to my country blog. I will keep you all posted on what is going on in this embroidery blog.. you can all still drop by here to visit and say hi if you wish also! I love hearing from each and everyone of you! So please come over and visit me in my country home!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without

Remember this old saying? I grew up not only hearing that saying, but living it as well. It seems so fitting for today with our struggling economy issues. For my life, personally, I collect and also use up the things I come across. I don't have a wasteland of debris, however, as sometimes you might see on the television......no, I have an organized and clean home. Over the years I have been given bags of "quilt scraps" and lots of used and unused yarn. So I am always finding ways to "use them up".
What is the best way to use up those little colorful balls of yarn that don't have enough left to make an afghan? The good old basic crochet granny square, of course! If you would like to learn how to make a granny square just click on to this link http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/granny_square.htm
I have spent the past days sitting out on the front porch, listening to the song birds and approaching thunderstorms, while I use up these balls of yarn, making granny squares.
Crocheting these brought back a memory of a time when my daughter was only 4 years old. She and I sat in the car and waited for my oldest son to get out of school. As we waited, I would bring along my crochet. I taught my little one how to crochet in those few minutes every day. She and I finished enough squares to make a granny square afghan to give to my mom, her grandma, for Christmas. My little girl was so proud of that accomplishment.

She has now grown and has flown away to the busy, exciting life she now leads. So I sit, in the stillness of the day, crocheting alone, block after block. Of course, I have my constant companion Sophie, by my side. And as for the saying ......I might could add one more thing to it......make it last! Now my question for you........what saying do you remember growing up with? What have you found to make do and it has done well? I would love to hear!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Not Done With Me Yet

Sometimes when I am hunting for embroidered linens, I buy the piece because of the perfect stitches and color. However, this one piece I bought was not for the stitches, but because of the design. I often hunt for vintage designs that I can duplicate and offer on new linens. Giving my work the charm of "Yesteryear".
A little over a year ago, I found this nice size tablecloth draped over a baby crib in a junk store. The owner pretty much gave it to me. The fabric is in mint condition and has never been used. It has only been slightly embroidered. I bought it to duplicate the design and to also finish the embroidery. The existing embroidery is pretty...however, I felt I wanted to do more to it.
This is how the flower looked previously embroidered. I removed the stitching.....

and embroidered it the way I would like it. I usually don't remove previous stitching unless there is not much on the piece.

The colors and the stitching is nice on this, however, once again I removed these stitches .....

and embroidered it this way.

As you can see, there is still so much on this piece just waiting to be worked on. As I was working with this cloth... I thought how much I was like this cloth. I have a fairly good design and at one time, my colors were vibrant and shiny. Now my colors have faded, some of my threads have come unraveled. Some of the stitching in my life has been done in haste, without much thought put into it. Thus showing my flaws to the whole world.

But even after all of these years... God is not finished with me yet. Oh, how I need Him to touch me and bring my light and shine back! How I need Him to fix my broken threads. Every day a new stitch is put in place in my life. Sometimes I wonder why did He put that stitch there.....is He sure? Sometimes, I need that thread removed and I can't do it without His expert hands. I look back on the tapestry of my life and I see so many of my improper stitches and it makes me want to do it better the next time around. Then there are the extras...a bright bead or two here or there when at the time, I did my best. What will this tapestry look like when my last breath and stitch is done? Will it be only half way finished with so much more left that I should have seen? Or will it be so full that not one more stitch can be placed? How about you? Have you ever felt this way? I would love to hear!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 months and hundreds of stitches later.....

The past year and a half, much of my stitching was spent on two projects for friends, dear to my heart. The first 9 months I worked all types of embroidered stitches on
this rose tablecloth. As I stitched this piece, I thought about the lady I was embroidering it for. I thought back on all the times I spent at her home and of the others who were connected to her that I also came to know. Those memories made me smile.
The next 8 months I have worked on this cross stitch picture. It will be given away

at an upcoming dog show. I thought about the friend I was stitching this for and of all the things we have known about each others lives. Again, smiles easily came. I also thought about the person who might win this picture. Do they love hunting dogs....or will it be someone who loves poodles instead. I was a little anxious on this piece, fearing I might not get done in time, today the last stitch fell into place and the anxiety fell away into relief. Now my hands are empty....but not for long. With the approaching holiday time, I will be going through my stash and I think I just might devote this year to getting those items stitched to sell in my online embroidery store. I can't wait to get things stitched and ready! I hope all of you have a wonderful blessed Easter holiday!