I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Lots And Lots Of Little Things


A couple of posts back, I posted this photo with of tiny pastry food I had made from 
oven bake clay, telling you I would post later what I was planning on 
making with this. 
I have had this box for the longest time and I knew I wanted
to make something with it
I made a miniature coffee shop
I hand made an enclosed pastry cabinet for some of the pastries 
and filled the pie safe with other pastries and things I made.

I call my boxes "miniature room boxes" and 
enjoy making them from time to time.
Currently, I have been embroidering very small 
to make brooches and pendants to sell in my 
I had hand stitched and hand quilted this miniature quilt
back in 1999.  At one time I had it hanging on the wall,
but I have found a wonderful use for it.
I love old chairs.  This Jinny Lind chair is 
in rough shape and has been sitting in my vintage shop
for a long time. 
I decided to place a board seat onto it and paint
it a dark brown.
I realized the miniature quilt was the perfect fit for the chair.
I stuffed it slightly as I was attaching it to the chair.
Now it is like a "new" chair.  It sits beside the Jenny Lind
bed in our guest bedroom. 
My hands have had enough to do this summer to keep busy.
My mind is filled with so much more to get started on. 
So tell me, what have you kept your hands ....and mind.....
busy with?  I would love to hear!