I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sometimes I just want the color..........red

 I have been stitching on two different cross stitch pieces ........one on one week, one on the next week........and both are lovely.  One is not enough done yet to show.......but this is the beginning stages of my "red garden sampler"

I have a cross stitch book that I just love by a French needlework designer , Marjorie Massey.  Her motifs and designs are so pretty! 
I think I have shown this garden lady to you before.  I had cross stitched her on screen wire........but it proved to be very tedious and hard......but I knew I wanted to cross stitch her again.  So I chose her actually as the main theme for the sampler I wanted to create.  
I love this border and decided to cross stitch it for my surrounding border.  I had a garden poem picked out for the sampler, but I have always loved this quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  And right in the middle of stitching and getting ready to start the garden poem............ I had an idea for a butterfly that looks like it is flying "out " of the sampler.  So I cross stitched this quote instead
This is how it is looking at the moment and I am so happy with it.  This is the first time I have cross stitched a piece without a complete pattern to go by and with an idea of making it a "personal" sampler with the things I love about a garden.  I am not sure how much or what else I will add and I am not sure how large it will be.  I am just cross stitching what the day brings to my heart.
But I love the whole red floss look......do you?
Do you like one solid color embroidered samplers?  If so,
do you like red, or do you prefer black......or maybe a dark blue?
I would love to hear!

**** with it being October, I have a wonderful fall treat recipe.
For the recipe , just click onto this link:
Here's wishing you pleasant autumn days

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wool Felt Applique and Embroidery


I spent a little bit of time looking through some amazing books
that cover the art of wool felt applique and I just
had to try my hand (needle) at it. 

I have this design from a Trish Burr embroidery book and 
thought it would be great for a wool felt applique.
I love to do applique with regular cotton fabric, however, I
have never worked with wool felt........... have any of you?

One nice thing about the wool felt is that you do not have 
to turn under raw edges.  The wool felt does not ravel.
I was also a bit apprehensive about cutting out such small pieces 
and wondering how the wool felt would hold up to the floss and 
needle during embroidery.  
I managed to cut out the small pieces and after that,
the placement and the embroidery went well!  
There are many wonderful books and supplies available for this
fun kind of stitchery if you are wanting to get started with your
own project.  
Some craft stores have plenty of books and many online websites
have books and supplies needed. 
Your fun is only a click away! 
So tell me........do any of you work with wool felt applique 
and embroidery?  
I would love to hear........and see.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Suddenly it is September............


and although summer is almost at an end, the flowers 
are still vibrant, especially the morning glory 
and the wild aster.
Here the morning glory is just beginning to bloom at it's best
and the wild prairie aster grows and blooms in large clumps all 
along the garden fence. 
When I came upon the design in the first photo, I knew
it was perfect to embroider.  I also tinted it
to make it look more vibrant. This is a month by month design..........
I acquired years ago.......but can't remember from where.
I hope to embroidered each month starting with September.
Fittingly, this piece I just finished  is titled.....
"The Last Rose of Summer" 
This is a little motif design from Blackbird Designs
and  it seems to match my little rose bush blooming 
it's last blooms until the days grow cold. 
Fall is almost here and I am sure many of you are working
on projects that have pumpkins........maybe Halloween themed
designs on them?  I would love to hear!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

A tribute........Blackbird Designs


As we  enter the new month of August, I cannot leave the month 
of July without a word , a tribute to Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs who 
passed away July 4th, 2021.
I felt the title of the sampler above fit for this sad time.
Barb Adams was part of the wonderful design company, Blackbird Designs,
 along with Alma Allen which started in 1999.
Over the years they have created designs for quilting and cross stitch
 loved by so many of us. 
For me, the ideas they created for all different kinds of samplers and the 
wonderful colors they chose for each pattern, is what drew me to their pattern company.
I have many of their patterns on my "stitch" bucket list waiting to be finished.
Many of you already know of this sad news.......but for those of you who do not,
here is a link with a  wonderful tribute post for Barb from her friend Alma, as 
well as a link for Barb's obituary .  This site also has links to Alma's and other Blackbird 
Design blogs for fans and information on charts and patterns.
 If you search the internet
you will find many tributes to Barb and Blackbird Designs as well. 
My sincere condolences to Barb Adams family and to Alma Allen.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Thursday, June 24, 2021

June blooms into summer


The days have been filled with extreme heat........bringing so many colorful flowers into bloom.  
I work in my flower beds in the early morning hours and then............
to escape the heat from outside, I prefer to let my needle create blooms with floss and fabric.

visit my cooking blog for this wonderful recipe
at this link
Wishing you gardens filled with lovely blooms!

Monday, May 24, 2021

The month of May is a time when

                                   nature really wakes up......from the wild flowers to wildlife

and everything  else that has been quiet and sleeping. 

No matter how harsh the past winter may have been,

everything comes back to life..........vibrant and lovely.

Now that the virus seems to be calmed down......all things we love to do

seems to be slowly waking back up. 

I have not spent a lot of my time with my needle to show you something stitched.


I have spent the past few weeks, waking up
my vintage shop.........which has been closed due to the virus.
Now that the virus seems to have calmed down, I hope to open 
to the public. Would you like a tour?
I started off by clearing things off of the floor, so that 
one can easily look at things without stubbing their toe. 
I also wanted the vintage glassware to be seen better and 
moved it to the middle table in the natural light.
As you can see, the cement floor is very worn.  It had been painted
by previous owners years ago and the paint has worn.
I chose an antique white paint for the floor and then stenciled
a design in a sage green
I left the futon/bed in the shop (on the left side of the photo)
so that if all of our children are visiting at the same time, 
there will be this extra space for them to come and rest.
I wanted the entrance in front of the door to have some kind of
rose design.  I painted an oval rug in this space.
It matches the sage green part of the wall of the shop.
The shop is full of tea cups
vintage dishware
vintage glassware
vintage kitchen gadgets

vintage cookbooks
vintage purses and jewelry boxes
and collectibles
and there are drawers and tubs full of vintage linens and crochet

The walls are also covered with needlework and paintings
One of my favorite things in the shop is this old mirror.
I had stored it away for years before I made the shop.
I just could not toss it and knew one day I would find the perfect
use for it.  
When I made the shop, my husband fixed it to the top of
an old dresser as decoration for the shop.  I have had the 
little porcelain butterflies for years and decided they would
be perfect to add to the mirror.
So now, while I wait for customers,
I will be returning to my stitching and  working with my needle. 
Do  you like vintage things?  
Do  you have a favorite shop to go roam 
and linger in? 

 If you ever
come this way.......my shop 
door will always be open for  you!