I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Calling all fabric lovers and quilters!!

A dear friend is a quilter, new quilt designer, and now is designing fabric.......
which can also be gift wrap or wall paper! 
Here are just a few of her pretty designs.................

serendipity Americana



Her name is Jane Smith and there is much more to see by checking out her website by clicking onto this link

and you can say hello to Jane by visiting her Facebook page

Friday, June 19, 2015

Broken threads and fragile holes

make these precious vintage baby sweaters......

I cannot resist them

even if they have a few holes that cannot be repaired.
The work on these charming garments are amazing.
I have had them for awhile and finally came up with an idea to show them off

I placed them on vintage print paper and framed them.

Now the lovely work that goes into these sweet pieces

can be preserved and admired.
How about you? Do you still have your baby sweaters or hats?
What do you do with them?
I would love to hear!

If you go to my country living blog you can read about these baby coons that wound up on the grounds this past week.
Just click onto this link

Friday, June 5, 2015

I opened my vintage shop with the soul purpose........and dream

 to hand embroider linens to match the vintage items in my shop.
My shop is overflowing with vintage dishware, glassware, and a few pieces like this set in the above photo.  Some pieces sit in "waiting" until I find the right design and idea on how to incorporate them together. 
This 1960s wall hanging set had me picturing a vintage bathroom...........
so I decided upon this design ......from Aunt Martha's transfers. 
And you know me by now.........
I cant just embroider the lines as it shows........
I have to add my own few stitches.........

here is" before"..............

here is "after".
I found an antique gold color floss and added extra embroidery to the wing tips of the bird

here is "before"

here is "after"

Here is " before"
Since I chose light shades of pink ,I wanted the flowers to still stand out

Here is "after" 
I embroidered the flowers in long and short stitch and worked clusters of gold french knots for the centers. I also worked the leaves in closed fly stitch.

Here is the whole picture. 
If I had chosen this design to embroider before finding the vintage wall hangings, 
 I would have embroidered the birds in blue........I am most sure.
So the gold gave me a whole new perspective in embroidery. 

I purchased a beautiful pink bath towel with matching washcloth and cut the bird embroidery into an oval shape. I then edge finished the embroidered piece in closed buttonhole stitch  and stitched it onto the towel. 

Now I have a set.........vintage..........new.........and usable........to offer.
How about you? 
Do you have favorite vintage pieces that you still like to use?