I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quilting, applique and embroidery

While searching for inspiration one day last year to start a new project, I came across a wonderful website that offers free quilt patterns. I fell in love with this "big mug" pattern.....as you can see reading further, there is so much one can do with it. You can get this pattern and many more free....just click on this link.....http://www.blockcentral.com/qb-pattern-mug.shtml
I made two blocks......this one in green, and another one I decided to use for my quilt in blue......shown later in this post.

My creative side kicked in and I filled the cup with pansies.....just draw whatever you like and in any way you like it.

I also made a butterfly pattern.....what are flowers without butterflies?

I added one of my favorite blocks.....the nine patch......

and here is the top almost finished. I started this over a year ago and now have decided to finish it. I have a couple of leaves to embroider still.

Here are the pansies. I used short and long stitch in various shades, and outlined it in closed buttonhole stitch. I let them and the leaves and vines run throughout the quilt top.

The leaves are done in short and long stitch as well. This kind of embroidery takes a while to do......why it took me so long. I hope to have the embroidery finished this weekend, and will quilt on it starting next week.......Now.....do you have something stashed away in your closet or drawers that needs to be finished? I would love to hear about it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hannah's Baskets

During the holiday weekend, I was able to finish the little quilt with baskets that I have previously posted about.
In our home, we have a large, long, hallway, with beautiful wood walls. There is not much light in there except when the light is on, yet light enought to catch a glimpse of what is on the walls. I had hung a puzzle that my family and I had put together years ago........I love the theme with the chickens and quilt......and thought this would be the perfect place to display my miniature quilts.

I finished the vine embroidery on the corners.......

and picked out a pretty backing for the quilt......
and finished it!
As I was working on it, my mind was filled with thoughts of my daughter, Hannah.......I embroidered the middle basket.....to me....... representing the basket of Hannah's life that I, as a parent, did my best to fill with beautiful and good things......the rest of the baskets......empty......in all directions....to me.......represent the baskets that she, herself will fill with what her life becomes. So I decided to title this quilt......
Hannah's Baskets