I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

I have stepped out of my comfort zone


I usually crochet the round type doilies and I usually only prefer
to use white or light color thread.  I have learned to crochet the round type doilies and am comfortable
that when I start a new doily......it will turn out the way I hope. 
But this time, I wanted to "experiment" .....to broaden my horizons......
to learn how to make motifs and then learn how to correctly crochet them
together to make lovely scarves and tablecloths.
I also decided to use red and green crochet thread.
( I noticed I did not lay it flat enough in the photo....the bottom corner would be even)
This is a 1944 pattern and it was a good one to start with to learn the technique I was wanting.
I am not at liberty to share this pattern, but there are many in old booklets and on the internet that '
if you wish, you can find .  
I will leave you with this link to a wonderful crochet web page, full of 
crochet history and such.
Christmas time is upon us and the last days of this year are winding down
There is much I hope to achieve within  the new year that is to come........
new techniques.....new projects completed.
Here's wishing you a joyous and merry Christmas! 

So remember while December
Brings the only Christmas Day
In the year let there be Christmas
In the things we do and say
Wouldn't life be worth the living
Wouldn't dreams be coming true
If we kept the Christmas spirit
All the whole year through.
~Author unknown, c.1962
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