I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

With the hot days of August bearing down,

I have found myself content to sit in my sewing space and have let my needle and imagination take  me along cool shady paths of the Oriental Tea garden.
I have spent hours there, letting my needle make colorful and swaying trees, flowers, and grasses, in any color that I would like if I had my own tea garden space. Not always going with the suggested stitches or colors as the pattern directed.
I embroidered the house roof with a little bit of a brighter color and instead of straight stitch grass for the flower beds, I worked french knots and daisies into those spaces.
I used embroidery floss instead of the crewel yarn that came in the kit.  I like the texture and definition that floss provides over yarn. I  worked the boulders with a cotton pearl floss and I added lily pads and koi fish to the shaded part of the pond.  I added a flower bush of purple bullion stitch flowers and maroon french knots flowers to the bottom stone.

I grew quickly tired of all of the greens in the suggested pattern.  So I made the french knot pink and white tree, that was supposed to be on the other side of the bridge in place of the suggested green bush.
I also added french knot flowers and french knot greenery along the bottom of the stone.
I loved the color suggestion for the background trees, but did not want to work them in straight stitch or french knots.  Instead I worked them in what I like to call a free hand cross stitch, where I just place cross stitches throughout the design to give the tree more of a leafy look
When I saw the tree in the back ground, behind the bridge, I knew it has so much potential .  I wanted a tree to look like the ones in old paintings.   At first I thought it would be a simple weeping willow, but then I just had to add some color to make it look somewhat of a wisteria.  
This tree was supposed to be the pink and white french knot like the one I worked in the front section.  Instead, I chose to work it in colors of purple/reds.  
The suggested iris's are lovely, but I always love to see iris gardens with the soft yellow and light purple and I wanted them to look billowy.  
not to say that my ideas are the perfect way to stitch the project, but I really enjoyed the different stitch technique and colors as I worked along.
Now this once forgotten and stored away kit  has been completed.  After I finish up the stitching on the border and sign my name, I will work on getting it framed .
But where to hang it?  I have several options but have not made a final decision yet
And I have already started something new.........can you guess what it is?
Hint.......it is full of things I love about Autumn......in which I am anxious for it's arrival. 
How about you?

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