I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Saturday, March 27, 2021

All Is Well


We made it home late yesterday afternoon.........with Zack. It is amazing at how no one stays in a hospital after serious surgeries these days!  The doctor felt that there was no need for us to stay in Dallas with Zack at the hotel, because he would heal better here at home. Zack was very much in agreement with that . LOL  He traveled well......and instead of sleeping all the way, he chatted more.  He is the same Zack we have always known........the surgery did no damage.  We are so thankful! 
Zack has a bit of time to heal and to recover........but he is doing well.
Thank all of  you for our prayers, your thoughts and comments with supportive words.
From our hearts........we thank  you. 
Here wishing you peaceful skies and happy days

Thursday, March 18, 2021



This is the first glance I had of  our home when we were
searching for a place out in the country to live.  ( the porch
was not as cluttered as you see in this photo) 
Something in my heart told me..........this will be the place
you and your family will live and grow for the rest of your
I love the whole house, inside and out, and all of the grounds
in which my loyal dog and I wander and explore........
but the image of this front porch will forever be my favorite.
I am not the best watercolor artist, but I have always wanted 
to create a tinted image of the front porch..........
and I then wanted to embroider it and embellish the picture
with flowers that either existed or ones I dreamed would grow along 
the porch. 
   The first thing I had to embroider was my black cat.
I have had several black cats through the years.......they have always been 
dear to my heat.  Smokey, Salem...........and now
And then, I started to embroider the existing Pyracantha bush and I have always wanted large pots of geraniums.......which I have never been successful at growing. 
I embroidered the leaves and berries on the existing Pyracantha
and Yaupon Holly bushes.
I have always dreamed of wisteria draping itself down
the front porch,
and there must be a large bush of antique pink and white
roses.  Which I am still in the process of stitching  
I have so much more to add..........and I have decided to title this piece
" Home"
for in just a few days........I will be longing for myself, my husband,
and our oldest son .....
to be home.
As you read this, we have since had the devastating news that our oldest 
son Zack, has 4 tumors on his brain.  One particularly large one must
be removed immediately.  
How much I want all of this to be just a bad dream that I soon awake from.............
but it is not.   We will soon be traveling, on the way to where Zack will be undergoing a long and tricky surgery within the next few days,
and we do not know what the outcome will be.
For those of you who have already known about this......
thank  you for your prayers and supportive words.
I ask that you continue to pray for Zack's surgeon and for Zack.
I do not know how long we will be gone.........so I will return here much 
later with hopefully...........happy news.
until then, take care, love all those near to you, 
and do not let one day go by without enjoying something
in it.