I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

A new year, new ideas, with some old projects

 The new year is moving along at a rapid pace with the hours, the days, the weeks, all going by so quickly.

I have some new ideas for new projects this year, but I am also still working on last year's and other year's past projects. 

The cross stitch kit, "Peacock Tapestry" is a kit I have had stashed away for over
30 years and finally decided to start working on it last year.  I got sidetracked and placed it aside, 
but I started back  to stitching on it after Christmas and now, a peacock has started showing himself among the pear trees. My goal is to get this piece finished by the end of this year.  
This, at first glance, this looks odd, but it is something that I started about 4 years ago, 
put away, forgot about, and then came upon it this past summer as I was
clearing out my clutter.  What I have tried to achieve in the embroidery is a 
whimsical dark cloud blowing icy air that is forming into snowflakes...(made with white stitches and white seed beading)
that are drifting down into the bare woods.  
it's all part of a Christmas Theme miniature crazy quilt that I wanted to put together

using the different pretty Christmas fabric scraps that I have.
like this particular piece with vintage Christmas ornaments.
I have been embroidering on it this past week. 
I had actually started the quilt top with the candle embroidery that I had once designed and embroidered and wanted to find a way to use it for something.  For right now, I will be showing you the surface embroidery that I will be working on in different areas of the quilt top as I progress.  Then it will
be time to work crazy quilt stitches along the borders of each fabric piece.  So this will not be a quick finish......but a slow stitch and mostly for those days when I don't want to focus on counting with the cross stitch peacock.  Can you believe??........I almost considered throwing this into the trash along with another mini quilt top I had been working on.  I am so glad I decided not to.   I think at that time I was just in a "super clean and clear mode".  But thankfully, seeing the embroidery I had already stitched on it, me stop to think.....so I placed it back into a box. 
Which prompts this question to you......  Have you started working on something, after a while, decided you did not like it , and just tossed it away....and then regretted doing so?  
I would love to hear. Hope this finds all of you staying warm and creative.