I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Monday, June 29, 2009

Use Your Freedom Of Imagination!

With the Independence weekend ahead, it's a time to reflect on our freedoms and privileges as Americans. As you gather with family and friends to celebrate the holiday, make some time to use your freedom of imagination and create something! It doesn't have to be a laborious task, just do what your heart feels like and have a wonderful holiday! I hope you come back here and tell me what you created! I would just love to hear!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Day Full Of Stitches

The hot Texas weather has slowed my outside work down a little, the baby birds I was mothering over have grown and flown away, the baby chicks are big girls now and out and about in the barnyard. The garden is planted and blooming and I have more time on my hands to do my stitching. I am still working on finishing the little quilt in my last post and as you know, my cup runneth over with imagination, ideas, and projects for more embroidered things. I am working on the designs I want for my very own "linen line". Will I ever get it published for public.......not even sure... and don't even know how to start down that path......but I will have the patterns and designs to pass down to someone in my future generation, if they ever want to pick up my needle where I left off. If any of you do hand work, you know how time consuming it can be......and it seems I take a long time, because I want my work to look a certain way. So hopefully, when you come back to visit, I might have something new and stitched. How about you.......does the summer weather give you time to follow a hobby or passion that you love to do? What is it? Painting...crocheting....quilting...writing perhaps? I would love to hear.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Miniature Quilts

I love quilts and I love the process of putting a quilt together.....however, I have never finished a full size quilt. I discovered miniature quilts a few years back and fell in love with them. I like them for the fact that I can work up a quilt in very little time and see if I like how the block I chose and how it works along with the colors. It is also easy to work the stitches while watching T.V and I don't need a quilting frame to quilt it. I have found blocks I like better than others and know which ones I would like to make into full size because of working with miniatures.
I have only made a few of these little quilts.......
and they have many flaws.......which is another reason I like making miniatures.....good practice! If you are interested in making these little gems

find the fabric and pattern you would like to try.....

find a fabric you would like to bind all of the blocks together with.....

and enjoy creating! With embroidery being my passion in life I felt these little baskets looked a little empty.......

so I decided to combine my embroidery with my quilting. It will take a while for me to finish the embroidery on the top and then I will eventually get it made.

I have collected many quilting magazines over the years and I love this magazine the best for miniature quilt patterns. I can't seem to find it in my area any longer.....perhaps you might be able to.....however the Internet is full of wonderful resources and one good site is this one.....just click here http://www.freequiltpatterns.info/QuiltCategories/FreeMiniatureQuiltPatterns.htm
It has wonderful free patterns to download. Quilting, like embroidery takes time....don't rush to get done....enjoy the stitching and watch your little quilt come together!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vintage Aprons

A while back, I ordered a few vintage apron patterns. They have all been very used, but still in good condition.
I was drawn to this apron pattern because of the pockets in front. I am always out in the garden or yard and am constantly gathering eggs, peppers, tomatoes or even pretty rocks. This apron would be just the thing I need instead of hanging onto a pail.

I also want to make the apron with my mark on it.....embroidery of course. So I am thinking of a solid material for it, with either vintage vegetables, chickens or flowers embroidered on it.
I also like the idea that it can be made with two different prints of material. One for the front.....

and one for the back........I just love the back of this apron...don't you?

I am having a difficult time deciding on what I want to use for fabric. I really love fall and earth tone colors...... a tan pocket with chickens embroidered on it might be nice with this one.....

These two in different shades of green go perfectly together....

I love the floral print and I am thinking the solid green would be good for the pocket, embroidered with vegetables, .....or pumpkins!

I love this cheery color and I am thinking a pocket in a matching color embroidered with roses??? perhaps....

I have always loved mixing floral's or prints with plaids.....there is just something about that combination that works for me.......
Now...how about you? Do you have vintage aprons passed down from Mom or Grandmother? Do you have a favorite type of apron? What do you wear them for? Cooking, dusting, gardening?? I would love to hear.