I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I have just finished making a full size quilt...................sort of

I stepped away from my cross stitch to make
a patchwork quilt.........
which only took a couple of days of my time.

The quilt is full size............if you are only 7" tall that is.
It has 100 little patchwork squares and it measures 
7 1/2" X 71/2"

It does have batting in between and was hand stitched
and hand quilted........by me.

I chose this lovely floral print for the back

The reason for a quilt so small??  you might ask?
Because earlier, I made a very tiny bed, 

a very tiny mattress, 

a tiny fitted sheet, 

along with a tiny flat top sheet. 
And it all fits perfectly together!  

Since the sheets were in yellow, 
I chose the yellow prints for the quilt. 

I also made a matching pillow. 

Now ......a pretty bed with all of the pretty linens. 
but............why such a tiny bed??

I wanted to start making doll boxes......just a bit  
like the old antique doll boxes of long ago.
And I also wanted to find a unique way to sell
the vintage dolls I have in a  trunk in my 
vintage shop.  
I have accumulated  a few of the pretty boxes from the 
craft stores that have hinges and latches on them
Now I can put the doll in the box and fix the box 
up with a bed,  doll clothes and a few accessories.
I think this might entice someone to buy the dolls and 
give them another life of play. 
On this doll, I still need to make her a wardrobe and 
put a few more details into her box.
I enjoy working with miniatures like this
I still have a doll house that needs my attention.
But........I am still working on my cross stitch 
on separate days.
Tell me.........with cold winter moving in.....
what are you creating?
I would love to hear!