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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Sharing a common thread with those who love the art of hand embroidery

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not only does nature provide me with inspiration

for embroidery design ideas.............
(right click on photo for a better view)
but I also get much inspiration from reading other's blogs. I have become friends with so many of you because of blogging and I have been able to learn so much about the" common threads" we all share.
One such blog belongs to Kathy at Spot On Cedar Pond Blog.
She raises Jacob Sheep..............which I am totally in love with..... She raises much more, and she works her sheep wool into such wonderful yarns and tiny wee sheep figurines. Her blog is also very inspirational which led me to place the Bible verse on the piece above. 
You can visit Kathy and see all of her sheep by clicking on to this link

I wanted the sheep to look "woolly" what do you think??
Also, I always want the eyes to look real.......it really makes the character......
don't you think?

I am not that good at making hooves, so I just hid it's feet in meadow flowers.

(right click on photo for a better view)
Another delightful blog belongs to Sharon at 
Corgis In My Garden
She loves Corgis as well as vintage finds and buttons!
She also takes her beloved pets to rest homes and care facilities to make the folks happy. 
I have never tried stitching a dog as this, but I think it turned out well..........don't you?
You can visit Sharon and see what her Corgis are doing in her garden by clicking on to this link
I wanted the tongue and eyes to look real.........as well as the hair on the dogs neck area.

I always love to see potted flowers with some of their blossoms lying on the ground....don't you?

Who knows what I might find to catch my attention to embroider next?
How about you?
What types of blogs do you find inspiring?
What is your blog about and what do you love to do?
I would love to hear!


Bev said...

Those animals look wonderful!!

W. Latane Barton said...

Love the goat. Now, I am not a goat lover but that one captured my heart.

Celestina Marie said...

Gorgeous work my friend. I just love your wonderful designs and crewel stitch is one of my favorites to do when I have time. Love both of these works. Yes, you got the eyes perfect. They look so real and full of mischief!!
You are one talented lady.

Thank you for sending the cold and snow our way. LOL!! I think it is going to return tomorrow too. OH well, it is January.

Blogs I find inspiring are creative features like yours and of course interior design and my love of the decorative arts all of which I share on my blog.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the week and happy stitching. Looking forward to your next piece.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

Your embroidered animals are fabulous and do, in fact, look quite woolly and real. I will pay these blogs a visit, for sure.

Hindustanka said...

the animals look real, you managed to make a fur/wool like look :)great job! it's always good to find inspiration, that what keeps our craft blooming :)
well, I do have many favorite blogs. i can say that your embroidery made me do some small project, which I hope to post soon about.
have a great day and keep on creating!

seanymph said...

I like blogs that are things Im interested in. But I also like a mix of things on blogs about their lives. Its interesting to see what others do and learn from them.

I have two blogs..one is my food blog , I started with that. But the other is an assortment of things from my life, things I bought, things I stitch or decorate or just my thoughts about stuff.

I love to see what you do because while I cant see as good as I used to, to embroider, I get inspiration from your color choices and designs.

Preeti said...

You have embroidered the animals very nicely! I love more of needlework blogs and anything from vintage to latest doodle stitching everything inspires me:)

Nurdan Kanber said...

Kathleen, those - both - works are just stunning!I am amazed (again) by your creativity in stitching!
Very well done!

papel1 said...

I love the animals. And you encourage me to embroider, often that is the project I take to sewing class. I guess it is knitting for this mornings class. I enjoy all my blogging friends.

Karen said...

You have embroidered the sheep and Corgi beautifully, Kathleen! They are so real looking. Maybe you should embroider a cat next?

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, Kathleen! You did a great job on the corgi. The colors are perfect. Just look at my Heidi in my header on my blog, looks just like her.

Thanks for you kind shout out about my blog!

You made my day, friend!

lil red hen said...

Your blog inspires me, Kathleen. I'm embroidering the piece I wrote to you about, and keep thinking, "I know this doesn't look good on the back!" The farmer tells me, "No one is looking at the back."

I love the way you fill in the body areas with stitches instead of just outlining them.

Tammy said...

I just love how you are able to take that inspiration and work it up in your beautiful embroidery designs. They both turned out great! Have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

Nicola said...

I love eveything as usual, you are so gifted.

Tami Kenner said...

Oh..so precious!!!
Beautiful work and I love the animals. Have a great week...Tami @ pinkbuttercreme

victoriantailor said...

I admire your skills, I just cannot embroider well enough to do the things like you do, beautiful!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Very beautiful embroidery. Love them ♥

Marie said...

I am inspired by so many different blogger friends...by their lives and the photos they take! It would be so hard to pinpoint certain things. These pieces are just delightful! I think maybe I should do something with lemons on it, after my Lemon Tree episode. What do you think? :-)

Celestina Marie said...

So glad you shared this wonderful post for ECS from the cottage craft room. It is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing it again. Have a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

janice15 said...

O my goodness these are just beautiful...I love every inch of them..with love Janice