I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, January 7, 2008

back on schedule

The school bus just left with my children about 35 minutes ago, the holidays are over and everyone is back to their own busy schedules.Now that they are gone a little bit during the day, cooking time has gone down a little and I have more time to get some projects done. Along with my embroidery projects, I also have other projects going. I have two cross stitch pictures half way done that I work on once or twice a week. I have a square crochet doily I am making a lot of to join together for a curtain in my dining room, and then there are the pot holders and dish cloths. I also have quilt blocks started. I love to make miniature quilts, but have always wanted to make quilts for every one's bed in the house. I am working on a 9 patch/hour glass quilt that I worked the design over for different results and for myself, I have always loved the wedding ring quilt, and am going to start one of those up in the next few days. I also love fixing scrapbooks and family history. Because I have all of these things and more that I want to do, I spend a little time on different days to work with each one. The process is slow, but I do get these finished this way. Sometimes I can get so hooked on the project I am doing, that I will spend several days working on it only. Sometimes I want to do something different. I have always wanted to learn how to knit. I would love to know how to knit sweaters. I have spent the past few years buying books on this subject , yet I always feel intimidated to start knitting. However, I am going to give this a try in the coming weeks. The sun has just peeked over the horizon and I need to start my day. I planned to work out in the garden a little this morning, but my hands are sore from the weed work I did yesterday, so I am taking a break from that for a small bit.

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