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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Debbie Macomber

While browsing the book section in the store, my eye caught the colorful jacket of a paperback book by Debbie Macomber. I do not spend as much time reading as I do embroidering, and my favorite fiction writers are Janette Oake and Danielle Steel. Most of my reading, however, are inspirational books by Joel Osteen, Stormie Omartian, Beth Moore, and a good collection of Norman Vincent Peale. What drew me to Debbie Macomber's book was the picture of the yarn basket and cat on the front cover of the book called " A Good Yarn". I also discovered "The Shop on Blossom Street" along with other books from her with the same quality eye catching art on the cover. Upon reading about the books, I was even more intrigued as it covered the subject of knitting, owning a yarn store and gardening. I purchased the books, took the time to read them and instantly became a Debbie Macomber fan. Last night, to my delight, I discovered that she also has written an inspirational book titled, "Knit Together, Discover God's Pattern for Your Life" . I cannot put this book down! It is such a wonderful encouraging book for anyone who has a dream or even a question about what they want to do in their life. If anyone has a doubt about God's unending love and purpose for their life, I would recommend to take time to read this book. Debbie Macomber shows step by step, a way to find that purpose and the realization of a dream, and all in trusting and knowing the Lord is always loving us. I am drawn to people like Debbie Macomber, who find a way, by using her talents. to enrich and bless others lives.


KaKi said...

I love Debbie MacComber! Her books are so refreshing!! I am glad you found her!

Susan said...

I have just discovered Debbie Macomber! I bought the Knit Together book and the one about the yarn shop!

Debba said...

Debbie has a new book "Twenty Wishes" and I'm interviewing her for my Girlfriendology.com podcast. It is very inspirational - although I haven't had time to read it yet.

I am interviewing her tomorrow May 16 and need call-in questions. If you or any of your readers want to ask her a question or tell her anything, please call 206-202-9005.

Also, I have a monthly contest for Girlfriendology and have lots of books to give away. (In May I have over 40 books to give as prizes!) In June I also will have "Twenty Wishes" and one of Debbie's knitting books as prizes. Check out www.girlfriendology.com for the rules info (all you have to do is share a girlfriend story).

If you have any girlfriend entries on your blog or stories and would like me to share them on my site, please contact me. I grew up doing embroidery and still do lots of crafts. (I just interviewed Carol Duvall for an upcoming Girlfriendology Podcast yesterday - she's great! I was on her show so it was wonderful to talk with her.)

Thanks for your inspiring blog! Debba / www.girlfriendology.com