I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Texas winds

The wind has blown here all week. Each day it just gets stronger and stronger. It blew and knocked things around on the outside of the house last night. This morning, still strong, and the sky is orange from all of the dust from the surrounding cotton fields. The farmer that works the fields along back of our property, passed away a few days ago. As I passed by the ancient small cemetary on my way to town, one can see the new gravesite from the road, the flowers on his grave are still holding on in all of this forceful wind. I was greeted by my chickens and ducks this morning, as their door to their enclosure, ripped off through the night. Thank goodness the fence held up. I now need to fix the door before night fall, and haven't a clue as to how I am going to manage that. My husband is working and won't be home until after dark. I know there just has to be something laying somewhere on the grounds that can make do until he can fix it for me. I am handy at everything, except for building things. No matter how hard I try, things seem to come out crooked or lopsided when I get creative in that department.

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grammyof13 said...

I am enjoying the pictures of your handi-work. You should be able to sell anything you do without doing very much talking. (referencing your entry about not really being an up front people person). I hope you do well.

We have ice and snow today, so I've been inside - didn't accomplish much. Need to clean my office, but had rather sit at the computer and write.

No I've never thought about publishing a cook book - even though I am readying myself for an edit and hopefully during my lifetime I will have something in print other than the few things I've accomplished of which I am greatful.

my email address is:
doris06040@juno.com if you would like to correspond that way.
Just a thought.