I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without

Remember this old saying? I grew up not only hearing that saying, but living it as well. It seems so fitting for today with our struggling economy issues. For my life, personally, I collect and also use up the things I come across. I don't have a wasteland of debris, however, as sometimes you might see on the television......no, I have an organized and clean home. Over the years I have been given bags of "quilt scraps" and lots of used and unused yarn. So I am always finding ways to "use them up".
What is the best way to use up those little colorful balls of yarn that don't have enough left to make an afghan? The good old basic crochet granny square, of course! If you would like to learn how to make a granny square just click on to this link http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/granny_square.htm
I have spent the past days sitting out on the front porch, listening to the song birds and approaching thunderstorms, while I use up these balls of yarn, making granny squares.
Crocheting these brought back a memory of a time when my daughter was only 4 years old. She and I sat in the car and waited for my oldest son to get out of school. As we waited, I would bring along my crochet. I taught my little one how to crochet in those few minutes every day. She and I finished enough squares to make a granny square afghan to give to my mom, her grandma, for Christmas. My little girl was so proud of that accomplishment.

She has now grown and has flown away to the busy, exciting life she now leads. So I sit, in the stillness of the day, crocheting alone, block after block. Of course, I have my constant companion Sophie, by my side. And as for the saying ......I might could add one more thing to it......make it last! Now my question for you........what saying do you remember growing up with? What have you found to make do and it has done well? I would love to hear!


preacherman said...

Great post and blog.
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

sophie is very cute :-)

the rusty cupboard said...

I love working with my hands, crocheting or knitting or embroidery. Love your blog. Making dishcloths now by the baskets full.

Judith Tetley said...

Oh Kathleen, I am humbled by your beautiful posts on your blog. How wonderful to see the revival of old embroidery "works in progress". My life is moving too fast...I know that and; reading your blog has confirmed in me that I must slow it down. I will ensure that 2010 will have less commitment and more time to "look into" the handwork and home making that I love to do. The one saying from my parents, that has stayed with me from my childhood of living with so little is; "waste not want not". I wish our world would turn back to these important messages from the past.
Many Blessings
Judith from Australia

Muddling Through said...

"Eat that up, there are starving people in China." Though what my eating my food would do for them I have no idea. :)
Isn't it a comfort to have your sweet dog for company!

Princess S said...

My Grandma Bunny had quite a portfolio of sayings but the one that has always stuck with me is......Keep the words you say soft and sweet because you never know which ones you may have to eat. I am sad to say I have had to eat a few of my distasteful words in the past but have learned I don't want to have to eat them again so I try to keep my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there to sit on the porch with you and Sophie and learn to crochet! It would be fun to just chat and have iced tea whether I could crochet or not!!! Your memories and the granny squares you are currently working on are precious.