I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I finished the cross stitched bouquet and stitched it onto a homespun towel.
I also dabbled in making a few baby things like these adorable little shoes. I also took a lot of my embroidered things along with me to the first Farmer's market meeting last night. The folks there were so friendly and oohed and ahwed over my work as they passed it along to each other. I am not sure as if I will do the farmer's market, however, due to a lot of reasons...........you can read more on my country blog.........Eggs In My Pocket,
I have until July to make my final decision about this. Which brings my question to you. Do any of you sell your handmades at a farmer's market or such? Do you have to travel a long way into town to do so? With the economy, do you find folks so willing to purchase these items? I would really love to hear!


Linda said...

Your stitching finish looks great and I love the little booties.

I sledom see hand stitched items at any of the fairs or shows...now at the antique sales lots of vintage things. People love handmade pieces but so few people take the time to create such pretties. Every once is awhile a senior center will have an event and they always have nice things for sale and fairly reasonable too. I know you will find a perfect place to sell your beautiful work...I'm thinkig an Esty shop would be good...hugs, Lidna

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda, give Etsy a try. I still am, but my illnes slowed things down a bit. You can always do custom work on there, but keep looking into the Farmers Market.

You have such beautiful work and seems many doors are opening for you. I do believe the Lord is trying to tell you to take that leap of faith.


papel1 said...

I don't think embroidery items would go well at a farmers market. Maybe you could bunch up some dried flowers and make an embroidered tag to go with it. As usual your work is lovely. I use to sell gourds and craft related items at a farmers market but most everyone wants those tomotoes.

Conni said...

Your cross stitch blossoms are charming - and the baby slippers are adorable!

I'd definitely give Etsy a try.

Muddling Through said...

Those little baby shoes are just beautiful!

GardenofDaisies said...

The baby booties are adorable!!! And your cross stitch flower is already done! You are so quick!!