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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Those Tiny Stitches

I have been emailed a question about embroidery that I would like to share the answer with all of you.
Sue wanted to know how to embroidery very small designs.
Well, you can take very tiny stitches, or you can also use a running outline stitch. This is what I do when I come across tiny embroidery designs like the one above for a baby bib I am making. The photo above was done by using this stitch. As you can see, you can get the detail you desire. Are any of you familiar with this type of stitch? Or do you find another way of stitching tiny stitches better? I would love to hear!


the rusty cupboard said...

I never knew that. thanks

Anonymous said...

Ditto with Rusty cupboard...never heard of the running stitch. Thanks for the tip!


W. Latane Barton said...

Great idea as always. You are so smart!! I'm with the others, never heard of that stitch.

papel1 said...

I am glad to see the diagram of the running stitch. I need to improve those tiny areas of embroidery so will try that tonight. Happy Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

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Farm Chick Paula said...

The embroidery in the first picture is amazing, Kathleen!