I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have always loved sunflowers

 and here on the farm, I feel blessed because all of our acreage is covered in sunflowers. If one looks over the entire span of our grounds, the color of yellow is what they see. The sunflowers grow wild here, much because of the birds scattering their bird seed here and there. With the large amount of snow and rain we have received in the past year, the sunflowers have just taken over!................much to my bliss!
These flowers always remind me of this tablecloth I embroidered when I was 15. My best friend had found it in their stash of things and passed it on to me. I gleefully took it home and started embroidering . I submitted it along with my other home economics classmates items, to the county fair. It got a first place blue ribbon! When I moved away from home and out of college, I used it often in my new married life. That is why it looks so worn..................however, I am thinking about remaking the pattern and stitching a new for our country home now.What do you think?? {:
How about you? Is there something that you created when you were young and still have or fondly remember?
I would love to hear!


GardenofDaisies said...

I love sunflowers too! And your sunflower basket tablecloth is beautiful!! I have several handmade things saved from when I was young. One that immediately comes to mind is a painted clay pinch-pot that I made in art class in elementary school. (orange and hot-pink paint, as it was made in the 60's) Both of my children also made little glazed clay pots when they were in 3rd grade, and so I display all 3 little pots together on a shelf in the living room.

papel1 said...

Love your sunflowers. We feed our birds with sunflower seeds and they sprout around the garden. Sometimes I plant them in an area just to have a sea of yellow. I haven't saved anything that I made as a child.

Gina E. said...

I love sunflowers too, but haven't been able to grow them in our garden, presumably because the soil is too poor.
Your table cloth is exquisitely stitched! Reminds me of what my MIL did when she was your age. All I could do was a doiley!
But why would you recreate the same pattern to do again? Haven't you got enough vintage linens to work on without redoing one of your own? Some of the ones I sent you, for instance ;-)
I could always send you another one or two if you've run out of them!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Gorgeous, happy flowers. No wonder they bring you joy. Living in the desert I am happy if anything grows, even weeds, as long as they are green. Some even have little flowers on them. I let them flourish. :) Sweet embroidery. My family went to Boston when I was a tween and I picked up an embroidery pattern. I think it was of the Boston Tea Party or something. I remember starting it, but have no idea where it is now. I do have boxes of old things stored away that I haven't seen in years. It could possibly be there or it could be long gone. It's the only time I ever tried embroidery and I would so like to try my hand at it again. Have a great weekend. Tammy