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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Friday, February 11, 2011

I just picked up the new issue of Where Women Create.............

are you familiar with this wonderful magazine? I love taking an issue outside with me on a late sunny afternoon, sit to look through it,  and oooh and aaahh over the work places of the talented and creative women featured inside.
And it always inspires me to work on a better creative space for myself, which, I have just finished, as seen in the above photo. It might look a little country shabby..........but I like this sort of thing........sigh..........I guess I always will. I love this space because it has two over-large windows which gives wonderful light. I can also look out  into the woods while I am working.
  Lately, I usually found my creative space spread out throughout the house. My supplies were all crammed up in a corner of the bedroom,.................. my chair,is in the living room,  where I do my late night stitching and in a space where I can watch and old movie while I stitch..........(and just for the record, that space is not changing) {:  But, since I stay up into the wee hours of morning, while my husband, who works a hard steady job, is sleeping, it is not good for all of my supplies, to be in the bedroom, where I try to quietly sift through my stash, with a flash light, trying not to wake him. So this week,

instead of stitching, I spent my time looking for affordable and "quaint" storage for my stash. I chose the corner of our large living room, ( I really mean LARGE). If it was not our living room, I could have the workspace of a lifetime!!! However, I will be nice to the rest of my family, and pick just a corner for my creative bliss.

I found and old but sturdy dresser that was missing a drawer to place my paper, drawing pads, markers, and other items in.

I also found an old but well made set of cupboards out of an old kitchen, turned it around backwards to use for open shelving. I could keep it with the doors on the front, but like the open shelves better. When the weather gets warm I plan to re-paint these pieces of furniture so that they don't look so drab.

The top of the dresser gives me plenty of space so that I can easily use my vintage transfers,

and the surface is wonderful for working and drawing out designs.
 I am always interested in hearing about your work and your creative spaces, dear blogging friends.
what kind of look do you have for your space? Is it full of bright color...........or do you prefer lighter colors?
Is is modern or country in style?
What I would also like to know,......... what do you put on your walls?
 I want to put some kind of something on the wall where I can pin up images of designs and linens, and fabric and floss samples.
What works for you?
I would love to see and hear!


SSH said...

That is the perfect spot for creating with your windows and views. I would not get any work done for looking out the windows.

Great spot!

kasthurirajam said...