I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just off of the beaten path, there is a quaint and welcoming place that I want to show you.............

 While out picking one day, my husband and I stepped  off of the hot growling street................
walked up the front sidewalk.............
stopped..........took in the wonderful front porch.........
then opened the door to
Made From Scratch
on 613 Hickory
in Abilene TX.
Here, we were greeted by the most gracious lady Kathleen,
in the photo above..............
 her sister Nancy, who we missed the opportunity to meet  that day,
also helps run the store.

Closing the door and leaving the hurried pace of life outside,
we were drawn to each room of this quaint old house , filled with every kind of
vintage treasure you can imagine!

The old bathroom has been titled " The Linen Closet"
and there are so many beautiful embroidered linens there  that one could spend a good bit of time in that one area.

When Kathleen or Nancy or not busy with visitors, they keep their hands busy creating beautiful items for the shop.

Here is Kathleen behind her sewing machine, but taking time to chat with us.

The floor space is spread with wonderful and unique items from the past and the walls are covered with so many sweet trinkets.

I now want to come back to Abilene,
to take a break from it all and visit
Made From Scratch once again!

There are so many things keeping my hands occupied at this time. The gardens are needing my attention.............I still have zinnia to plant.............
I have just started restoring an old dresser.............
but in the late hours of evening............my hands work on what I love and do the best..........
embroidery...........I just love the word itself!

I stitched this small design in shades of pink. I love the soft nostalgic look it has with the brown of the basket.
Now tell me about your favorite place to visit.
Is it filled with vintage items............or is it a garden center?
Could it be a tea room with all kinds of delicious treats?
I would love to hear!


janice15 said...

O my looks like you found a treasure of a place to visit.. everything looks so divine inside behind the door.. and always your Embroidery is lovely.. with love Janice

Cindy said...

Looks like my kind of place too! We used to have a shop like that. It was a mix of handmade and vintage treasures. I even sold some of my items there. But they had to move and the new location was not good. They went out of business:(.
Your embroidery is beautiful!

papel1 said...

What a wonderful shop to visit. I would like to find one like that on my travels. I still putter now and then with a few sewing projects but just wish the summer heat would go away.

Laurie said...

This shop reminds me of one near us, and I think I'll stop by tomorrow, it's been a while. Thanks for reminding me! I love your embroidery, such beautiful work.

Sharon said...

I would absolutely love this little house! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen.

Karen said...

That is a beautiful shop, I wish I could visit it! I love your basket of flowers embroidery, flower baskets are one of my favorite embroidery subjects. Very nicely done!

Preeti said...

You visited a lovely place!! Thanks for sharing!! Your embroidery looks sweet :)
I like visiting craft fairs/bazaars. Sometimes I like, sometimes I don't find anything interesting to buy. I get most from online shopping but I don't enjoy that either. Experiencing live is something different !! Isn't it?

Bev said...

What a wonderful place...would love to visit!!

Gina E. said...

I also adore those vintage shops set up in old houses. We have them here too, and if Ken and I are out and about, and I see one, I always drag him in for a look!

Miss Holly said...

What a wonderful shop! the handwork ...that is what I love the most! in any shop...always the handwork!!
Yours is just so beautiful!!
Thanks so for your lovely comment on "Seaview Cottage"!! nice cool breeze today!

Grammyof13 said...

Kathleen, are you sure this isn't you behind the counter with your sewing machine? You would be great in a shop such as this and you have so much to offer. Love your writing still and I try to drop in occasionally. Am doing better with my visits lately.


lil red hen said...

I've always thought a shop like this would be such a joy to work in! Thanks for taking us "with you".

This is a wonderful work of art; the colors are gorgeous!

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

What a wonderful shop full of lovely items to look at. You would certainly have enjoyed your time here. Your latest embroidery is beautiful.
Have a lovely weekend.

ina said...

It's a wonderful shop!Your embroidery is as always, simple but beautiful (ooh, I love baskets!)

Anonymous said...

I just love places like that. What a delight that you found it. Of course I adore your embroidery, and I, too, even love the word. It's a warm word.

Off to check out your restored dresser.

Enjoy the day, my dear,

Marianne xo

Amy said...

OH my gosh. I live in Abilene. I go to Made from Scratch all the time. I buy alot of antique needlework stuff from them. I was stunned to see this post,lol!

Amy said...

OH my gosh. I live in Abilene. I go to Made from Scratch all the time. I buy alot of antique needlework stuff from them. I was stunned to see this post,lol!

Marie said...

A delightful place! Wow, I wish I could come by and visit there with you! :-) The items are all so lovely.