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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Although my true passion is embroidery.........there is always something new I want to learn.........

and one thing I have come to realize is that when one has a glassware shop..........

over time, they wind up with a good amount of broken dishes..............

On the floor in the corner of my studio, I have what I call
 "my box of tears"
These are the pieces of cherished dishes that I have somehow managed to break........but could not find the heart to throw away......

So I decided to work them into mosaic pieces. 
Most of them have the most beautiful designs........such as this bird in the wreath of flowers. It broke in the middle but matched up perfectly. So I carefully chip away at the pieces until I like the size.........

and  I start working with mosaic grout to try to find a way to bring them back to beauty.

Some pieces I find as I walk along in places.........or in the old pasture beside our property, where once an old farmstead  was. 

I decided to mosaic a terracotta drain dish . I think it will be pretty to sit a potted plant on......or just to use in the garden room somewhere.......
don't you?

I plan to use some kind of water proof sealer to keep it protected. I love to do mosaic work at times when I am tired and just want to piddle........have you ever felt that way?
How about you?
When you break a cherished dish, do you throw it away?
Mosaic work is not hard to do.........so the next time you find your treasure in pieces.
make something pretty again with it.
And tell me about it!
I would love to hear!
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lil red hen said...

Yet another talent you have! This will be so pretty! The only pretty plates I have are my Homer Laughlin pieces and I hope, hope, hope none of them get broken!

Patty H. said...

What a sweet little bird! That dish will be beautiful, I'm sure.

Cindy said...

My husband has a box of broken china bits too. He is planning some mosaic projects some time in the future. Those pretty pieces are hard to throw away, aren't they?

Bev said...

I have often thought of doing that with broken dishes...but have never gotten around to it!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love that broken pieces can have new life in a mosaic. :-) Next time we have a china accident, I will know who to send the pieces to.

janice15 said...

Very nice... I think it's a fantastic idea.. I want to give my hand at mosaics as well... I just bought the grout.....I have been collecting dishes some of my large broken pieces I have put into the garden.. I emailed you this afternoon.. be back in a couple of days.. with love Janice