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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fred and Ethel have come to the shop..........

I loved Fred and Ethel of the " I Love Lucy " show.......and 
they look like a "Fred and Ethel"........don't you think?
I found these two just as I was about to leave a vintage shop.
I just happened to turn around and saw them lying on a darkened shelf.

( click on photos for a better view)
Fred has some break issues. His plaque has two broken corners and his beak is a little chipped.
What draws me most to pieces like this is the paint work on them.

Ethel is in beautiful shape. No chips or damage.

They are both wall planter pockets........probably from the 40's........maybe?

I just wired Fred with some stout wire and hung him and Ethel on the wall of the kitchen area in my vintage shop.

They filled this empty space on the wall perfectly. And they make my kitchen area look like a vintage country kitchen.  
on another note
Do you often find that you have some kind of beautiful linen or item that has been stored away, but you really would like to use it.............but  cant think of what to do with it? 
I have ..............
such as  this beautiful vintage crocheted piece hat I have had  for years. I is hand crocheted..........perfectly......I love it for the pink and white colors.

and for the sweet crocheted flowers in the center............
also for the fact that my dear friend Bell made it many years ago.

The door to my vintage shop has no curtain........so I thought that this piece would be a lovely curtain.
However, it was about 4 inches too short.

I also have had these cute crocheted squares in my stash.........pink and white.........

so I stitched them together and added them to the bottom of the large crocheted piece..........
and I ran a small curtain rod through a few of the top loops of the crochet.........

and it turned out to be a beautiful crocheted curtain for the shop door! I think Bell would really have liked this......don't you think??
Now...........do you have any planters that you have hanging around??
Do you name objects that you love?
What do you do with crocheted items to make them usable?
I would love to hear!


Martha said...

Fred and Ethel are nice, I see why you wanted them.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Kathleen, I do not know which I love better, the chickens or your 'new' lovely curtain. I believe I need to hit my stash of crochet and lace. Thanks for the inspiration.

I do hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter
blessings, jill

Debra said...

You have made a gorgeous curtain! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Fred and Ethel the chickens! I have never seen planters like that. Your shop is just lovely. My grandma would have loved your curtains too-pink was her favorite color. She was quite a lovely needle worker too. I have some of her beautiful crocheting. Once she tried to teach me to tat-but I may have been a little young for it at the time. I am so very blessed she took the time to teach me to sew and knit.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love F & E. You are lucky to have found them.

You are the perfect person to own a vintage country shop. Your curtain creation was .. well..Creative!!

Happy Easter.
xx, Carol

Bev said...

Love Fred and Ethel!!... Beautiful crochet!!

Karen said...

Love the chickens and that curtain is amazing. It's perfect and beautiful!

papel1 said...

I love the curtains. I have a box of linens but really do not know what to do with them. I have made coasters out of them otherwise I just look at them now and then.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathleen...I've missed coming to your blog.

Oh, I like Fred and Ethel, too. And this is a delightful pair of planters. Your crochet curtain worked beautifully. I'm so happy to see your shop blooming.

Marianne xo

Marie said...

LOVE the hen & rooster! What a great find! And how clever of you to sew those pieces together to make a curtain for that window. It looks wonderful!