I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't you love mornings

 when you don't have to rush to work.........you don't have to rush the kids to school......
and you can take the time to make a wonderful breakfast to enjoy with your family?
This is what I thought about while designing this piece for my embroidery book..........
(which I am still currently working on to show to a publisher)
A cheerful and colorful rooster, perched on a pole that has flowers climbing up around it......
and his crow seems to say

"Rise and shine!, 
I stitched this phrase onto a couple of the corners 

Of this vintage cloth with hand drawn work around the edges,
turning this into a delightful tray cloth to serve breakfast with.

I also included these little coasters that I hand embroidered a while  back.

and added a vintage orange juice pitcher, 4 vintage juice glasses, and a vintage glass press.
All on sale in my vintage shop.............and on my Etsy.

(do you like my sign?)

Speaking of my shop..........I opened the doors to the public this past  Thursday and Friday. 
I hammered signs out on our lonely road and posted about it on my Facebook. 
I live a good ways out of town.........the only traffic that is usually out here is work men driving their trucks back and forth and probably not at all interested in embroidery or dishes.
Thanks to Facebook, I did have a few come to visit...........but the sweetest thing of all.............is my friends.
Though the months of getting this shop ready, I have had friends come to visit and to look and to put their seal of approval onto this shop. This meant so much!
On my "opening  sale " day..........my friends drove all the way out to see my shop and to cheer me on with my sale.............how blessed and wonderful that made me feel.
This brought to mind the scripture that states:
A friend loveth at all times......
Proverbs 17:17
What would we do without our friends?


lil red hen said...

I always love seeing your beautiful work and creative ideas. That's a fabulous sign!

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Love your new sign! The Rise and Shine was the perfect touch to the table linen; and adding the coasters just help finish it off. A wonderful breakfast tray! Best of luck with your store; wish I could visit sometime....

Cindy said...

Very cute rooster! i hope things go well for your book. And congrats on the opening of your shop. When word gets out it might become one of those destination places that we women like so much:)

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

Oh I wish I could come and visit. Word of mouth from your friends will have you so busy before you know it.

Love that sign too.

Happy days.

Debra said...

If we ever get to Texas-I'll be coming for a visit!

Bev said...

I love your sign!!.... I have started a set of week tea towels and I was thinking of you as I worked on them! I would love to visit your store..... We will be thru Texas in the new year.... I'll have to look you little store up!!

Karen said...

Love the rooster embroidery and matching coasters, I bet they will sell quickly. That's a gorgeous sign, too!

Marie said...

Oh, Kathleen....I am so happy for you! And I hope your shop does well. I know you are on etsy and facebook and now you have a sign out! Wonderful! What I've seen of the shop itself is really nice! God bless!

Love the rise and shine rooster and of course the coasters...the perfect pieces for a breakfast tray!

janice15 said...

Its wonderful your sign. I wish i lived close by. With love janice

Gina E. said...

Like everyone else who has posted here, I wish I could visit your store! Your sign complements it beautifully. I looked up your rooster cloth on your Etsy site and was a bit shocked to see the price, then discovered it included the coasters and glassware - phew! I had every intention of buying it, but the shipping and packaging of the glassware would be prohibitive, and chances are it would not get to Australia intact...sigh..

Anonymous said...

I do like your sign, Kathleen. Blessings for great sales and abundance of good things for your newly opened shop.

Yes,you are so right about friends. They are truly a treasure.

Marianne xo