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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

In my back yard, two mesquite trees stand apart from each other

and each has the end of a rope tied onto them .......

to make a clothesline. 
 Now I have a dryer and I use it......even in the summer.......
but I always love to use my clothesline 
for drying  bed linens and 

for drying aprons. 
There is nothing better than to  put on an apron that has that fresh "off of the line" smell.
Don't you think so?? 

Aprons have been an important attire to women..........
all women at any given point of time.
They have been worn to wipe away tears,
or to carry baby chicks or fresh vegetable from the garden.

They have been worn  in times of the hardest work we women know.

They have been worn to make us look our best....
.even when we already look our best.

and they have been worn to inspire all of us.

Some are beautifully  crocheted

some  are made out of lovely print fabric, with rick rack pockets

or embroidered ones

and some have embroidered embellishments .

I don't think I have found one vintage apron that looks like another.
They all have their own character.....just like the woman who once wore them.
And just like the woman who once wore them, 
each has performed it's task at hand while showing it's distinct beauty. 


Debra said...

I love my clothes line too-our dryer broke-and I'm so glad! I love hanging clothes outside. Just today, a little wren was busy scolding me as I got too close to her nest with my hamper. I probably wouldn't have seen her if I didn't need to hang out my clothes.
I have one of my grandma's aprons-she made it-it's something I dearly love.
Your beautiful aprons make a lovely picture!

lil red hen said...

I dry jeans and work shirts on the line and sometimes towels, although it does make them a little scratchy to the skin. lol

Now you know how I love aprons! So happy to see these. I just may have to try to crochet an apron this winter; I have a vintage crocheted apron that belonged to the farmer's great-aunt.

In reply to your comment on my blog: I am keeping my hands busy. lol

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

In the area we live it would be hard to put clothes out on the line. Too often throughout the year it is way too cold. But, my grandmother put everything out on the line. I remember that dearly; she also had aprons that she wore. I have a hook to put up on the kitchen wall that I will hang my Apron up on; ready for whenever I need it. I really enjoyed your pictures you shared today. Your Aprons are lovely.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I also use my 'solar dryer', and love hanging out and taking down the laundry and oh my the smell is wonderful.

I would love to have a few aprons, so I'm going to be on the look out. I've never really worn them, but they are very appealing to me.

You have some beauties.


Cindy said...

I also use a clothesline almost every week. Your aprons are so pretty and there is really so much history is them.

KathyB. said...

The aprons you have hung up are lovely, especially the embroidered apron. Did you do the embroidery on it ?

I don't often wear aprons but more 7 more have begun to appreciate the few I have especially when gathering eggs in the morning ! I have even put new chicks in my apron pockets, and I suspect you have too.
I always love my visits to your blog Kathleen.

P.s. Am thinking about making a special apron for myself and dangling the beautiful rooster embroidered dish towel out of a generous pocket but don't really want to dirty it.Hmm...

Wren said...

I have been line drying my laundry for the past thirty years. I started out when my twins were babies and I couldn't afford a dryer or disposable diapers. I would have lines and lines of cloth diapers, receiving blankets, and baby clothes. It was work, but it had wonderful results.

Gina E. said...

Kathleen, you always write such beautiful words with equally beautiful pictures :-)
What a lovely post about aprons; you know how much I love them! In Australia it is almost a crime to use electric dryers when we have so much sun nearly all year! But the dryers do come in handy when the weather is cold and wet.

janice15 said...

I love the Ric a rac one blues.. and I love one more but you hadn't showed it close up they are all pretty but those two are my favorites.. I love and adore clothes off the line.. I barely every use the dryer and less it's pooring rain but I never put all my things in anyways.. I love that fresh air smell too.. nice post love your trees as well. with love Janice

Marie said...

There is nothing nicer than vintage linens, and aprons fall into that category. And that fresh air line-dried small is so wonderful! Can bring back many memories. Love the ones you have!.... I wish I HAD an apron. I am large so most standard size aprons won't fit me, and I have hinted and hinted for my Mom to make me one for Christmas! :-) Maybe I will just make one for myself out of some of my feedsack fabric.:-)

Sally said...

I love this post! Such beautiful aprons! I remember my grandmother made her aprons (and some dresses) out of flour sacks. And, my mom always wore one. Such great memories you have brought to my mind today. :)

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Beautiful. I used to collect aprons it reminded me of childhood, of school learning to sew. I gave them to my daughter who has since lost them all during moves. I should make a few they would actually be handy at Thanksgiving and CHristmas.
Will be following you