I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Monday, February 23, 2015

So many times, I try to find another use for pieces of vintage china in my shop

 pieces that are missing it's companion sugar bowl, creamer, or the all important lid to that particular piece.

Pieces that are still so pretty and still wonderful to enjoy
(I think)
They have sat for years on a shelf or in a dusty box in junk stores and sales,
until I find them........and bring them home to my 

Such is the story on this piece. It is a very vintage 1920;s  creamer, missing it's companion sugar bowl.
Hand painted, made in Japan. I have researched and have only found one antique pitcher with the same design.
One side has this house by a lake with boats sailing, 

the other side has a quaint farm scene, which captured my heart.
The only flaw is tiny chip in the upper rim by the spout.
I decided to try to find another life for this pretty piece

and added a blue scouring pad.

I then drew off a design to match the farm scene and stitched it in different shades of blue

onto a soft cotton dish towel.

I then crocheted a dish cloth is blue and white

and crocheted both dish cloth and towel in a dark blue edging.

Now the little creamer belongs to a set that is perfect for a 
quaint and vintage touch for the kitchen.......don' t you think?
I am hoping someone will buy it and take it home to use once again.

I also did the same to this little hen salt , pepper, and napkin holder.
Someone made it in ceramics in 1987......that is what it shows on the bottom.
Since she was painted in blue and has blue flowers on her, 

I found this cute hen design with flowers and embroidered her in blue on 4 vintage napkins.

Now this is also a cute set ready to be used once again!
So tell me, do you like to re purpose things? 
Old pieces of china, old chairs, or old tools perhaps?
I would love to hear!
If you want to have a good look at my vintage shop Yesteryear,
hop over to my country blog
where I have posted about it today.
Hope this finds everyone staying warm!


Wren said...

I have a blue country kitchen that I so like being in every day! I might need to do something like this too!

Gina E. said...

I also hate to throw out oddments of sweet china. I have a cup which I think dates from around the 1960's, and the handle broke off. I loved the pattern on the cup so I have used it to hold steel wool, just as you have here for a similar purpose!
Love your blue hen stitchery. Your (my) embroidered hen and rooster are often on display in my kitchen ;-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I try to repurpose, clothes mostly. I need to think outside the box more!

Debra said...

You have done an amazing work bringing these beautiful things together as little sets. I think it makes them especially beautiful.

ina said...

Your creative juice is always flowing.Do I envy you?

Marianne said...

Kathleen! You are sooo talented. I love, love the way you created the accent pieces for those lonely, yet pretty items. And I also love the new use you found for the creamer. Such a delight. I miss coming by. I've been so busy with work, and now I'm trying to finish the last scenes to my book. But I had to remember to visit my talented friend. I can't wait until I'm in a position to begin purchasing some of your lovelies.

See you agan, soon. Hugs and love,
Marianne xo

Karen said...

How wonderfully creative you are, Kathleen! These are so beautiful together!

janice15 said...

Kathleen I love your Embriodery.. And yes soon as your finished with morning glory work I would like to buy it. I love morning glories and the blue would be perfect for me... Hoping things are well sweet post with love Janice

Marie said...

Oh, I LOVE all of these, Kathleen! You did such a beautiful job matching things with your vintage ceramic finds! I am very impressed!