I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

On this project...........I find myself wondering........."what was I thinking??"

I have shown you, over a year ago, when  I embroidered this lovely 
design and also explained how to tint your design with crayons.
You can find the post here at this link

What I did not reveal, was that I placed this design 
with two others

onto the back of this white blouse.  I love to embroider shirts and blouses,
and I was making this for me to wear around in my gardens and 
on walks..........

but in middle of embroidering this design..........I thought to myself........
"why did I place this on a blouse.......when it really would have been better
on plain fabric meant for framing and hanging??" 
" will I wear this in public places??........no probably not......
people will see me as a kooky old  woman wearing this" ..........and more  thoughts like this
ran through my mind as I finished this design.

However, I finished the embroidery and the bright salmon and orange/yellow
along side the soft blues.....caused me to really like this piece.
I am still uncertain about the blouse.......
If I continue with the blouse, I will embroider the remaining mason jar
and add other designs along the front and upper body of the 
blouse.  Of course.........I could cut  the strip of mason jars and 
frame them.  It is at times like this..........that I put this piece away..........
and later come back to it.............
which is the reason I have such a large work basket of unfinished 
Also.........I am thinking upon offering my embroidery services , which means I would accept custom orders.......which I am still not sure I will be happy doing........
I have much to think about on this matter before I go forward...........
How about you?  Have you found yourself excited in starting and creating 
a new project.............to get into the middle of it and think
"what was I thinking??"
I would love to hear!


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous as is all of your work. I would wear that in a heartbeat anywhere....I want to embroider a white blouse - but I am always making items for others - you understand how that goes! You do inspire me often!

Chip Butter said...

This may be my favorite of your oh-so-many-beautiful embroidered pieces. I really can see it framed and hanging in a farm house kitchen. And, yes, "What was I thinking?" should be my middle name. :~)

lil red hen said...

Yes! I absolutely have things started and put into containers for "another time". I have been asked, in the past, to make a baby quilt for someone but I find myself too busy on the farm to commit to a specified time frame.

Those mason jars are incredible! And you certainly wouldn't look like an old woman wearing such a beautiful work of art!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have a WIP ...quilt blocks meant to surround a panel. I'll not say more except "What was I thnking" There it sits in the project box.

If you could be selective on commissions you accept, figure out how to charge for your work you could make it happen. However, from experience, people can have unreasonable expectations and be a royal pain. Pre-determined designs stitched on commission would probably work out OK. Good luck with pursuing this process. It's nice to earn money doing what you love.
xx, Carol

mamasmercantile said...

Good luck with your new endeavour, it would be amazing to get paid for something you love to do. Sadly some people have unrealistic expectations about how long something takes to do. I love the blouse, a stunning piece of work.

Debra said...

Your embroidery is just lovely! You should enjoy wearing your blouse even if only the road runner sees you! I understand though why you'd want to frame it-I would too!
I did have lots of unfinished stuff-had a tote full of it. Then I went to painting, and that seemed to not be a problem anymore. Now I just have to paint for 10 years to be a good painter!!!

Sandra said...

Your embroidery on the white shirt is wonderful. I don't think I could wear it in the garden. I wouldn't want to dirty it up. I think you should wear it proudly into town. I can see all the work you have put into it; so having it framed would be something you could look at and enjoy daily! Either way it is a piece of art work you can be proud of.

happyone said...

I think your work is beautiful and you should wear the blouse.

Karen said...

I think the blouse and embroidery are absolutely beautiful and you should wear it with pride. This is the sort of clothing that people would pay a high price for because of the embroidery on it. It is lovely!