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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

A few years ago...........and a few miles down the road from our home

a large patch of lovely wild, pink, primrose were
growing and blowing in the wild Texas wind......
right on the corner of a worn country road.
I just had to have a few for my flower bed at home! 

One day, while they were still blooming, 
my husband and I went........with a shovel, and a pail 
of wet, soggy, paper towels.......and dug a clump of 
these up.  

Now, every year, they sprout up .......
with the patch growing larger and more lovely...........
 the peaceful worn out country road , where they had been dug up from,  has become a 
heavily traveled road with oil and refinery trucks growling 
their way back and forth.  
The lovely patch of flowers that once grew there
are gone.........killed by the heavy traffic and turmoil 
of the hot road.
I am so glad that  I save just one small clump! 
I walk out each morning.......and see them.........and smile
with the memory of my patient husband helping me
to dig them up .

These lovely flowers, inspired me to  embroider a southern belle 
in her lovely flower garden.......hoping one day
I might have has many pretty flowers in mine!

I think it is actually illegal to dig up wildflowers along the highway........
but this was once a peaceful country road..........in the middle of nowhere.........
and when we pass by that same spot...........now so barren and hard packed............
I think my husband and I are the only ones who knew that
 lovely primrose once grew there.
Who knows how long these flowers will live in the garden here...........I hope at
least until I have passed on.
How about you?   
Do you ever see pretty flowers on a long lost country road
and dig up or pick a few? 


lil red hen said...

They are such a pretty pale pink! One of my daughters collects seeds from wildflowers in the fall. Of course I suppose the timing of their maturity is very important, otherwise they wouldn't germinate. I know she has successfully grown cardinal flowers (this is a red flower which grows along the creek banks). I'm glad you rescued that little bunch of flowers!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

When my sister and I were very young our mother taught us how to make primrose "dolls". We threaded the flower heads on a stalk of Johnson grass. They made the loveliest frilled skirts for our dolls, who had no heads, but we did not care.

mamasmercantile said...

How wonderful to look on those beautiful flowers and know that you saved them. As always a joy to visit and enjoy your wonderful stitches.

Debra said...

Lovely flowers, and I'm glad you saved them. I have some skunk cabbage near my kitchen porch that I dug from a place I loved-which is now gone and forgotten. I also have a bush called shadbush that I dug from the same place.

happyone said...

The flowers are so pretty.
No, I've never dug up anything and brought it home.

letslearnembroidery said...

My mom is over 80 but she's still passionate about gardening. I guess flowers are one thing that lifts her spirit

Karen said...

Those are gorgeous flowers and a lovely embroidery. I have dug up bindweed, a weed with tiny flowers that look like miniature morning glories about 4 times. I kept planting them and they would die but finally the last attempt worked and it is growing bigger every year.

Gina E. said...

Good on you for rescuing those lovely flowers and replanting them in your yard. It is also illegal here in Australia to take wildflowers from public land, but I'm sure people do! Some people in a street near us planted some of their own daisies on a roundabout near their home, and they looked so pretty while they were in flower. Whenever we drove past, I thought about digging some up for myself, but didn't want to be seen, so one day I knocked on the door where the flowers were in the garden, and I asked the lady if I could have some. She was delighted that I came to tell her how lovely the roundabout looked now, and said 'help yourself!' so I did, and they are now growing in my back yard. Always pays to ask!!