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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do you remember Mrs. Buttersworth in Glass?

Through the years, I have made quite a lot of pancakes, and have bought quite a lot of syrup. My children liked Mrs. Buttersworth better. That was back when her bottles were made of glass. Along with embroidery, I also like to play with paint now and then. I thought it was a shame to throw these cute bottles away and one day decided to give Mrs. Buttersworth a makeover. Here are the results.{: The red bottle is one of the later produced with a plastic cap. The green is older and has a metal cap. My son found her half-way buried under one of Bell's trees in her back yard. He knew how much I loved these bottles and asked Bell if he could give it to me. I have a couple of the much older, much larger ones that I found at flea markets, and I have a wonderful friend in Dallas who used to mail them to me. I have about a dozen with the plastic caps waiting to be painted, and a few with metal caps. I hesitate to paint them now that they are no longer made of glass. I only have these two painted and have given one in blue away to a friend for her kitchen. My idea was to replace the plastic caps with pump dispensers so that the bottles could be used for lotion or dish soap. As you can tell, each lady has an apron and a hat with flowers. I also name my bottles. The green is Mirella and the red is Clara Beth. I spent the weekend stitching and since I didn't have any thing new stitched to show, I thought this might make you smile.


Farm Chick Paula said...

I LOVE THEM! Kathleen, you are so creative. Those turned out so cute. And you ALWAYS make me smile- no matter what you post about!

Linda said...

I love these syrup bottles and the makeovers are so cute, I especially like the green one....a favorite color of mine. I had a Mrs. Buttersworth and used it for years as a vase in my kitchen...Have a happy day. Linda

Julie said...

I do! I do! Remember them in glass! I also remember the commercials when the bottle would come to life!!!

You painted them so pretty! I love your ideas for them!


StaceyC said...

I love them, Kathy! I went to your blog last night and saw them. I turned my computer so Jeff could see and said, "Look! Who but Kathy would have thought of that!" Ryan said you definetly get some good ideas lol.

grammyof13 said...

Girl have you taken me back a few years. I only wish I had the talent you have and the imagination that goes with it. These are precious. I wish I was young again and maybe, just maybe I would better nurture that side of me.

I love your blog sites.

shirl said...

Hi Kathleen, I love the bottles, you did a great job painting them! Thank you for stopping by, yes some of my jadite is Fireking, some is new that my sister sold in her shop and sent me some, it's from a company that is still making it called Moser, I think I spelled that right. The fireking mugs are the hardest to get ahold of at a good price. I guess alot of them were broke over the years.
Blessings! Shirl

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Kathleen! Oh boy do I remember Mrs. Buttersworth syrup! Yum! What a cute way to preserve the bottles! You are one clever gal. Memories flood my heart seeing these bottles again! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Maryjane

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a lovely memory you've brought to mind? I would have never thought to paint them but I'm so glad that you did! They are simply lovely. An they sure would make a lovely soap or lotion dispenser. How clever!