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Monday, September 1, 2008

A cross for different reasons

A cross from my friend Stacey
A cross from my friend Jane
Throughout my life, I have noticed so many different crosses on so many different people. Of course, when one sees someone wearing a cross, I assume they are saying they are a Christian. For me, I always wonder what made a person decide to choose Christ and at what age did they decide to do so. Sometimes, I comment on how pretty one's cross is and sometimes, they will tell me the reason they wear one. I soon found out, that not only was it a testament to their faith, but also at times, it was in remembrance of someone or some occasion. I received my first cross from my friend Stacey. She and I worked together and became friends. We have watched each other's children come into the world and cry together when they have grown up and flown away. We have spent so much time taking our children to play together at the park and so many hours and cups of coffee talking about life and our dreams. She gave a beautiful cross to me and not only does it show my faith, but I remember Stacey and the bond we have as friends. And now, the same thing has happened to me once again. This weekend, my friend Jane, came to visit me.She handed me this beautiful box, with the most beautiful cross inside. We have been friends since 6th grade. We spent as much time together as we possibly could get away with. We had so much fun. Then Jane introduced me to a special friend of hers,... Jesus. Soon my weekends were spent with she and I traveling to the next town only 10 minutes away to spend Saturday night with her Grandmother. We would sit up and watch the Grand Ole Opry together and the next morning, we would go to Sunday school and church. So many fun times and wonderful memories were made on these weekends. Because of this, I soon took Christ as my personal Savior. We then graduated, went to separate towns to separate colleges, but never lost touch. We were maid of honor at each other's weddings, she came to the hospital while our children were being born, and so many other life's events. Once a year, she makes it down to spend the night and to catch up. And now, I wear this cross.... to show that I chose Jesus, but when I touch it, I remember Jane, who took the time to bring me into her family and into the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the Lord. Do you have a special cross that you like to wear? Did you purchase it, or was it a gift from a special family member or friend? I would love to hear!


LINDA said...

My special cross is on the rosary my Grandma F. gave me. I love it so much because it was hers. I have a crucifix hanging just over my night table and that rosary is draped on it so it is always within access. My Grandma carried that rosary in her apron pocket always.....It is my most precious possession.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I have several little crosses, Kathleen... I have a plain little silver one I used to wear a LOT, and I have a little gold one that belonged to my Momma. The one I wear the most though is one with a little diamond on it that Hubby bought for me our first Christmas together. We were really broke that year, and we agreed we would get each other only 1 gift and it have to be $50 or less. I was sure surprised when I opened my little box!! LOL
I love it the best because of such a sweet memory... I loved the story you told about your favorite!