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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do "hope chests" still exist?

I finished the dresser scarf I had been working on and decided to dress up a little dresser that has been sitting bare.
It is long enough that the sides drape over the dresser well. It brightens up the corner it was sitting in.
I have a collection of heart boxes, glass bowls and vintage bottles. These pieces seem to fit the scarf well.

My mother had this candy dish when I was a very young child. She gave it to me when I turned 16, to place in my "hope chest" along with the other things I was collecting. "Hope chest". Is there such a thing anymore? Do young girls gather special things to put away for their home anymore? With the changing times and with young women going off to college, I don't think glass objects are sought out as much. Maybe towels and sheets perhaps? I am stitching on kitchen and bed linens to put away for my children when they decide to get married, but always, am reserved to when it comes to other things. There is so much available for people to purchase to decorate on their own. I still love the idea of a hand made quilt,embroidered pillowcases and sheets, and embroidered towels. Do any of you pack away things for your children for someday down the road? Did you have a hope chest when you were young? What were some of the things in it?


Paula said...

That is just beautiful, Kathleen!
When I was in my late 20's, (and STILL not married with no good prospects) I started calling my little home-making collection my "hopeless chest". It never failed to crack up my Mother...
Thank goodness I finally got to put it all to use when I was 32!!LOL

Flower said...

Upstairs in my bonus room is the hope chest we gave to our daughter. She left it with us! It does have some things in it for later and I plan to add to it. My dear mother did hand work of all kinds and it is being used around our home. I treasure these things and that is what will continue to be passed down through to children.
It's not common to see young people using the old things right now..but sometime later it may become popular again.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Kathleen, your embroidery is beautiful! I never had a hope chest but my Mom had given me some towels my Grandmother had embroideried when she was a young girl in her hope chest so I bought a old trunk and I have all her handmade items in this chest as a keepsake. Its a perfect place to keep these treasures!
Love, Ann

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Kathleen!

Good day to you! I had a hope chest, my 3 daughters had them and I am giving special things to my granddaughters hoping their mommy will get one for them! My daughters still cherish their hope chest and still put sweet keepsakes in them!

You have been a busy bee Kathleen! I love looking at your beautiful embroidery!


Sugarplum Cottage said...

Kathleen, I had a hope chest and it was so much fun collecting things for it. Your dresser scarf is gorgeous, but the tablecloth is my favorite. Wish I had time to do embroidery, I have always wanted to learn. Hugs, RoseMarie

Vickie said...

Kathleen - I had a hope chest my parents gave me when I graduated from high school. It was a surprise, and at the time, I really thought I could have used something else. But over time, it has come to mean so much to me. I kept things for marriage, my high school mementos, old notes and letters from my to-be husband. Now, it also holds a special bundle for each of my 3 kids - their favorite baby toy, dishes, silverware, handmade blanket, a special outfit, and their first little baby Bible. I wouldn't part with my hope chest now. Perhaps I'll give my daughter one... She'd probably want an antique one tho...

LindaSue said...

Kathleen that is exquisite - so feminine and just perfect on that dresser top. Yes I had a hope chest - I was VERY thin in high school so my family referred to it (the big cedar chest not my body) as the hopeless chest. I had a quilt from a grandparent and a set of pot and pans we'd gotten with Betty Crocker Coupons and green stamps (I'm old!). How funny that Paula and I both have the same term - hopeless - I married too young and too stupid the first time at age 19. I actually have the chest again (left it at my parents' house when I embarked on my life adventures) - now it is filled with memories and off season clothes!I'm so dull - we usually give couple gift cards for wedding presents and a rare few I make up 3-ring binders with recipes and household tips. Fun idea to recall!

Gina E. said...

Lovely dresser scarf, Kathleen! Oh goodness yes - hope chests. My mum used to call them 'glory boxes'. I never had an actual trunk or box to stash things in, but I certainly collected bits and pieces in my teens to put away for the future. I can't remember where I kept them while I was living with my parents, but once I got my own flat, I greatly enjoyed spreading all my treasures around my own little nest!