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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soon to be 100 years old

My daughter is only 19 and she is fortunate enough to own two quilts. One made by her grandmother which I will post later,was made when my daughter was nine. I let her use it on her bed. She loved it and it is very worn and I have repaired it many times. It was made by machine. I think it will always be my daughter's favorite.
and this one made by her great-grandmother. My husband's grandmother Ida, made this quilt in 1936.It will be 100 years old when my daughter turns 47. Completely hand pieced, appliqued and quilted. I have kept it in storage for my daughter for a later date,where she will take good care of it.
When our daughter turned one, my husband's grandmother brought this out of her trunk and told me that she wanted my daughter to have it.
I told her that I would put it away to save for my daughter to have when she was old enough to take care of it. I remember how she smiled when I told her this. It is in pristine condition. Not one rip or stain.
There was so much time spent on this quilt, even the border is perfect. My daughter is busy traveling in the Navy at this time, when her life settles down I will hand her this quilt with the history and a picture of the precious lady that made it. My daughter does remember Grandma Hughes. She lived to be 93 and passed away when my daughter was quite young. She is so fortunate to have known both grandmothers and to have such wonderful things handed down to her. Do any of you have quilts that have been handed down or perhaps that you have handed down? I would love to hear!


papel1 said...

Hi Kathleen,
Love the family quilts. I am sure when your daughter gets out of the navy she will love the quilt. I will take some photos of my old quilts (cutters too, that I use for crafts although it has to be pretty bad to cut up). But pictures will have to wait a few days as my sister is visiting today. What fun.

LindaSueBuhl said...

How lovely - rare to find old quilts which are in pristine condition - maybe the dry W. Texas climate helps? Nice to have something special to tie the generations together.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Kathleen,
Beautiful quilts! I love the gorgeous tulip pattern and the colors are fabulous!

How proud you must be of your daugter! Please tell her thank you from me for serving our country! That is so totally awesome. You go girl!
Patricia :o)

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Kathleen, What a priceless treasure that beautiful quilt is! Your daughter is so lucky to have a piece of family history and art to keep and hand down.

Kathy said...

What a great story! THat quilt is very beautiful. Your daughter is lucky that you are saving it for her and also the history to go along with it.

I extend heartfelt "thank you" to your daughter for serving our Country! I pray she has a safe duty.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

A beautiful quilt as well as a legacy of love.


Jane said...

I love old quilts. I don't know of anything warmer than an old cotton batt quilt. I have one that my Dad's Mom pieced, then had someone else quilt.

Hubby & I have a few that his aunt quilted, one that she quilted just for us as a wedding gift. I need to do some repairs on it.

Farm Chick Paula said...

It's funny you should post about this, Kathleen.. it's been really chilly here the last few nights, but I haven't wanted to turn the heat on (yet) so I dug out an old quilt Hubby's grandmother had made many years ago- it's torn in a few places but VERY warm. There is nothing any better than sleeping under one of those on a fall night!!

KathyB. said...

The quilts ARE lovely, and yes I do have some special quilts. We have a wool quilt mu husband's great-aunts made out of fabric samples from their home-ec classes many, many years ago ! I think the quilts are about 40 years old, but the samples the quilts were sewn from must be much,much older, as the aunts retired from teaching in the 60's.

Also, a few years ago I made contact with the family of my biological father, and they gave me an amazing red and white hand pieced and stitched quilt my paternal grandmother must have made a very long time ago. I need to find out how to preserve these quilts and view them at the same time !
Thanks for the post reminding me of the treasure I have stored away.

Dani said...

Lovely quilts...I have several from my greatgrandmother (2 ,she made in the 1920s)my grandmother (1 from the 1930s) and my mother and you are right, they are so precious to me.