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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

A very old dresser was becoming not useful any longer

every time I opened a drawer........the front fell off............and the drawer came apart,
it had been repaired many times over the years........
the body was still sturdy, and my husband took out the drawers 
and made shelves inside of it for me
I loved the old wooden knobs and came up with this idea for the dresser
front panels........I decided to make a wall hanger........leaving the knobs on to hang a coat or even jewelry on.
.I drilled a hole on each top corner, 
to hang it on the wall........
then I started doing mosaic work on it.........I started this 
months ago .........and would work on it now and then

I wanted to make somewhat of  a swirling design

the little cup and saucer was a vintage wall pocket that I have had for awhile.
I removed the porcelain flowers from vintage vases and glued them
into the cup.

I save all the pieces of dishes that get broken and store them in boxes until
I find a need for a certain design. I then put the piece all back together
with mosaic medium

If you make a hole for hanging mosaic work.......don't forget to work
around the hole.........

I accidentally broke a little plate with this verse on it.......
because the writing is so fine, I did not want to have it separated
with white mosaic medium........so I first used glass glue and glued the 
verse back together........then used the mosaic medium on the back

since the verse had a garden verse........I decided to place a vintage butterfly pendant...
that had the perfect rose print wings onto the piece. 
I also love to see the names of vintage china companies and 
sometimes include them with the broken dish

I added just a couple of vintage flower charms to the piece as well

I left the knobs on for hanging jackets and such.......
and painted them in a dark green
I also painted  the outside edge of the panel the same color

Homer Laughlin.......my favorite of all vintage dishware.....
I search for this name every time I am searching for dishware
The little moss rose piece was once a porcelain jewel box that had been 
dropped and luckily......this section did not break

one more jeweled flower
It is finished...........and signed........
I titled this piece........
" A Walk In My Garden"

Now it is ready for hanging.......now with all of the vintage dishware........
it would look pretty as a towel hanger for the kitchen........do you think so?
I am not sure whether this will go into my vintage shop for sale.....
or if  I will keep it.
I have two more drawers to work on.
Do any of you do mosaic work?
I would love to hear


lil red hen said...

This is so pretty, and useful! I've never done work like this. My granddaughter-in-law made a piece to put in my flower bed, using a small plate, a saucer, and a decorative piece for the center. It looks like a large flower. I collected Homer Laughlin china pieces for a few years and have some wonderful platters, plates, sugar and creamer sets, etc. Wish I could see your collection.

Sandra said...

Beautiful piece. I love it.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I will be interested in seeing more of these if you make them. This piece looks so you. This is an amazing mosaic. The center tea cup with flowers is perfection. I just love it.

I did some mosaics years ago. I made garden step stones and some terracotta pots. You are so multi-talented.
xx, Carol

Bev said...

WOW!!! what a great job...it looks beautiful!!!

Debra said...

It is just wonderful. I love it!!!

letslearnembroidery said...

It's really amazing the way you turned old things into work of arts!

Karen said...

This is truly amazing! I can't imagine how you could ever part with it, it's beautiful!