I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've been thinking a whole lot lately

and spending a lot of time in prayer.........waiting and searching for just what it is that I am really meant to be doing in this life. Since I have started my job at the cafe.................I really miss my creative time and my stitching time. I have a wonderful job...............hectic and stressful as it is...........that is what restaurant work is...............but I know that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Logical folks around me will tell me that at least it's a job and that it is hard to find one in these uncertain times.............yes, I am going to keep on working..............
however, I still have a dream............a desire..............and determination, to get me out of the "greasy, stressful, situation I have put myself in.
Lately, I have gotten so much feedback from those who know what I mean about living a "creative life" and I have gotten such good advice from those who live a creative life and are successful with it, that instead of stitching on items for sale................I am jumping into the deep water of belief in myself and am beginning to create those linen designs I have always thought about one day publishing. I have done research late into the night, and have spent days, while working away at the grill, dreaming up new ideas and new designs, and spending the late night hours getting them onto paper.
I am now getting the know how, of the tedious task of putting together a book proposal...............I have already redone it 3 times and beginning to change it again. {:
And then..................finding someone to think it is worthy enough to publish............
I am determined enough.....................and I hope I am talented enough..............and I am not giving up.....................
How about you? Are you dreaming of living a creative life and becoming successful that way?.........or are you already living a creative life? I would love to hear!


Grammyof13 said...

Kathleen, I have been intirely too busy, and haven't stopped by in awhile. I believe the Lord nudged me to stop tonight.
One thing I've learned is that when there is a dream in us that is as strong as yours, it is a dream that God has birthed in you. When God births a dream in us, it won't die. It won't stay down. It is rentless until we give it leaway to fruition.
Joseph had a dream - it took years to be more than a dream, and he went to valleys, prisons, rejection and whatever.
Could it be that you had to go through the diner in order to realize that God placed in you a creative dream that only with His help can come true.
Kathleen, you are on the right track. Keep knocking on doors of publishers. You have a great idea, and your timing is right. There is someone that will be glad to get your ideas and put them into print, where they and you will benefit.
I'm on your team. Take care of yourself dear friend and don't work so hard you forget your own health.
Things are about to change for you.


Gina E. said...

Gosh I need someone like Doris in my life! My dream is to find a permanent home for my linen collection where it can be on display for all to see, instead of tucked away in cupboards. It can only ever be a dream for me, as I will never have the money to fund a textile museum myself, and no other organisation would have the room to exhibit all my linens as I would want them displayed. So for now, it is on permanent display on my blogs on the internet, and one day I hope to have a better camera and better computer, so instead of blogs, I might have a website that is a kind of online museum....dream on!!

seanymph said...

Im trying to live my dream too. I landed in a new state a new town that Ive wanted to be in. Found a great home, getting my garden going. But i had hoped to find alot of land and now Ill just have some raised beds. I was going to use this as a start for my business. I love herbs and antiques. But I wanted to do it from my home. I thought if I had an out building and land I could do that. And so now Im trying to figure out which way to go. In the meantime Ill be job hunting.

So I hear you. I used to be a chef so I understand that biz and it is stressful. I cant do it physically anymore. So Im trying to combine all this into something I might be able to do only I dont have a clue yet lol.

One suggestion if I may. Instead of a hardcover book.....why not an ebook? Ive seen several do that and then they often made enough money to parlay that into an actual book.

Conni said...

Best wishes on this creative endeavor, Kathleen! Excellent idea!

KathyB. said...

How about publishing your blog as a book? It might not reach a large audience, but could be a start.Your needlework is so lovely, but I know you cannot possibly do enough in a timely manner to make much money.Somehow, selling the "how-to" should really be the answer. Wisdom and discernment from God, the very best anyone can ever get, is at hand, just pray and ask Him.

Shilpa said...

Kathleen, a book sounds lovely! You have such amazing skills with the needle. I would love to see this idea turn into a reality.

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Oh Kathleen...YOU GO GIRL. I have been handicapped with computer issues and have not posted nor read many blogs in the past 10 days! Keep the dream alive and work hard toward that goal. I know you will enjoy the journey.

Thinking of you.


toni said...

Love your work. Keep believing in yourself and others will too. Don't give up!! I love to stitch and have been working so much I cannot be creative. I have some of the same feelings that you do about working and not fulfilling my creative outlet. I love handwork embroidery more than machine. I agree that now is the time for your ideas and expertise. I just recently went to the book store to find a book on hand embroidery and did not find one that I would want to stitch. Plus there are not many out there. One of my favorite magazines to purchase is "Where Women Create". I read an article about the Creative Connection--WWW.the creativeconnectionevent.com It says, "a new type of event that brings together creative women, women entrepreneurs, foodies, and Mompraneurs in one setting. It is scheduled for Sept. 15,16,17,& 18. Maybe you can get some ideas or find out more about it. Find the magazine at the bookstore to get some names.(Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham) Hope this helps. take care and Good Luck!!