I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Etsy Shop

My fingers have been busily stitching away and I finally have some things placed in my Etsy shop!

It takes me forever it seems to get things stitched............and I still have a dozen other things,.........almost finished, but not quite.
This is a set of " large size" dinner napkins..............6 in all. The flowers are intricately stitched and the ribbon has little eyelets worked throughout.
They go with almost any china setting...........I think. {:
The pillow cases I embroidered have a vintage floral design,
and I added a calico print border to them.
I also have large size dish towels and guest towels, with intricate hand embroidery and a calico print bottom edge. If you would like to see more or are maybe interested in purchasing these...........my link to my etsy shop is on the upper right hand side of this blog and by clicking on the picture, you will be directed to my shop. Or feel free to email me........I can also send more up close and detailed photos of each item.  I don't want to make this a selling blog...........but many did not know that I have finally placed my items for sale. Have a great weekend!


Simple "T" said...

Beautiful work, I know there are many hours that you have put into these. Awesome.

staci said...

Your needle is so talented! I just love seeing a pile of beautifully embroidered linens!

vaheeda said...

o..m..g..it is so beautiful!!!
embroidery with maroon border stolen my heart...

Anonymous said...

The napkins are sooo lovely and delicate - Just my style. And the pillow cases - perfectly delightful.