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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few of you have asked how to make an eyelet

in embroidery, since I last posted the embroidered butterfly pocket.
There are two different shaped eyelets,...........oblong and round.
 The butterfly has round eyelets.

The oblong or Long eyelet is used when stitching heirloom daisy or flower petals.
Run a thread along the stamped design line, then carefully make a small slit in the middle space. A thread ripper is wonderful for doing this. Roll back the edges on the wrong side and whip around the design in short close stitches. Run the thread underneath the stitching on the wrong side and snip off thread.  

The round eyelet is worked basically the same as the oblong. Run a thread around the stamped design line.  I usually use a large upholstery needle to make a large enough hole in the center of the design, using small embroidery scissors to lightly clip the center. Roll the edges to the wrong side and then whip short close stitches all the way around. Run the thread underneath the stitching on wrong side and then snip off.

I hope this has helped answer you questions. Of course, many good examples can be found by researching eyelets on the Internet.   
An now.............take a look at these beautiful transfers.............

sent to me by Sharon at Corgis In My Garden. Such a sweet and thoughtful
thing to send to me.........thank you Sharon. Now I am planning on creating some linens
using these beautiful vintage designs. Go by and say hello to Sharon.
You can visit her at


Anonymous said...

Oh! You make the hole as you are stitching...that makes a lot of sense, and I can see how it would be safer than trying to cut the hole after stitching.

Thank you, Kathleen...this was much appreciated.

Enjoy the day,
Marianne xo

Anonymous said...

P.S. By the way, beautiful illustrations!!

Siobhán said...

I'm new to your blog and oh my goodness!! You do such beautiful work. I did embroidery years ago but have been doing mostly counted stitching for the last decade. My daughter & I are hoping to do embroidery, though, particularly on quilts. The work that you did on the bird was amazing--it made it so realistic. Lovely work!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Thanks for the directions and your butterfly is so beautiful. Have a great week.


Flora said...

Wow you make it look so easy!!

Nicola said...

Dear Kathleen

Many thanks for sharing tips with your pin pals. It is always good to end the day having learnt something new.

Much love

Nicola xxx

lil red hen said...

Wonderful tutorial, Kathleen. You're showing me stitches I've never tried. And what a lovely thing Sharon did for you by sending the transfers! I know you'll make something beautiful from them.

Mary @ Colony Mountain... said...

Another great lesson. I will work on eyelets after I finish perfecting my French knots. I am still going back and enjoying your older posts...beautiful (and inspiring) work!