I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White work and cut work have always been my passion

in embroidery work. Years ago, I researched every thing I could
to learn how to do this wonderful kind of work. This is a small tablecloth that I am currently working on and off on.

this is the center design

but I am still trying to think of what would look good on the corners .

This is one out of the pair of pillowcases I am also working on. I plan on giving these to my daughter one day as a wedding gift..............

when that day arrives.............there is no hurry.
And I will wait to monogram the initials on when that day arrives.
 She is off in the world right now

having one adventure after the other in the Navy. These and things like the tablecloth will be waiting for her and my other children, when their lives slow down and settle. As I stitch away on these linens,
I am planning on storing them away in an old trunk that used to be my grandfather's.

I am currently waiting on this wall paper to arrive. I just ordered it..........isn't it just perfect

for the inside of this old trunk?  Although, I am not sure how pleased my grandfather would be to see his trunk fancied up with roses............hopefully, he's looking down from heaven and smiling........
 I can just imagine how it will look with the wall paper and the linens I am busily stitching and placing in here! I can't wait to get the trunk and the linens both finished.
Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have at least the trunk finished and ready...........the linens take a little longer.
How about you?
Do you have a special technique in stitching or any other hobby that you love to do?
What do you do with your creations, once you are finished with them?
I would love to hear.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, the tablecloth is beautiful!!! I love your eyelet work. I can't wait to see the finished product.

The wallpaper is a lovely design and will work beautifully in the trunk.

I've been so busy lately with other things, that I haven't been able to post as much lately. Hopefully, I will again soon.

Enjoy the day,
Marianne o

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

What a wonderful gift for your daughter! Your white work is so beautiful...can just imagine it in the trunk lined with roses!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

The wallpaper is absolutely perfect for the trunk! I love it! Your linens are amazing and I am sure will be treasures held dear by your children and grandchildren some day. Those are such a special gifts.

Nicola said...

I adore the wall paper you have chosen and your whitework.

It has always puzzled me with embroidered tablecloths how you get the back of the work to look good. Any tips would be appreciated.

lil red hen said...

The eyelet work is beautiful! I really like working with white on white, and I also love having pretty pillowcases. Sheet sets sorta took those away from us.

You're so lucky to have the trunk in a good condition so it can be restored; so many have been neglected too long and have ruined.

Marie said...

That tablecloth and the pillowcases are just gorgeous! They remind me of all that fine work women used to do for their trousseau! I am so impressed!

Check out my quilt blog for a little embroidery surprise...it isn't much, but, hey, it was nice to get back to embroidery after a long time!

LOVE the wallpaper, and can't wait to see the finished trunk!

W. Latane Barton said...

That table cloth is amazing. Such work you are putting into it and naturally we all will stand (or sit) with our mouth open in wonder when it is finished.

Anonymous said...

I do so wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to stitch such beautiful things. I have a hard enough time getting cross stitch done.

Please tell your children thank you for serving. As a former Navy brat and former Navy wife I understand what a tough job it is.

blessings, jilly

GardenofDaisies said...

How beautiful! Your daughter will LOVE that wedding gift.

vaheeda said...

so pretty!!wow..what a lovely wedding gift!ur daughter is lucky to get a mother like u..I love all ur embroidery work..

Jocelyn said...

The tablecloth is gorgeous! What a fantastic gift!

That wallpaper is lovely as well. I think it'll look beautiful. A beautiful place to put some beautiful work. Perfect!