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'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's been a little bit over a year now.................

since I quit my stressful job..................vowing that I was going to
pursue my passion and accomplish my dream..................
.................I have come a step closer to reaching that accomplishment..................
late last night.............
I finished the book I have been writing, designing and stitching over!!!!

The photos you are viewing are just a taste of what is in the book. Many of you have asked if I am putting the patterns in the book..........yes I have!

I have written step by step instructions on how to make the embroidery look like this in the photos.
There is more embroidery and many more other things in the book.............but I don't want to show it all here on this blog.................I want the book to show you!
For now..........this is what my book looks like...........a thumb drive.............holding all of the contents of the book as well as my dreams within it's plastic case.
Now I am in search of a fairy God publisher...........the process of submitting a proposal, and then right after I have zipped it off, the worrying part of maybe I should have just added another project or two..........maybe I should have done it differently..............sigh
The process of waiting for the weeks to go by to hear approval or to get that all so well known rejection slip..................
Now what am I doing with my spare time while I wait?..............
I am beginning to write my second book. I have had designs and ideas for this second book all of the time I have been working on the first one. I have ideas for many more!
I am hoping that instead of a collection of thumb drives on my book shelf, I will one day have a collection of my books!
How about you?
Ever have a dream that you put on hold until you got your family raised and then you jumped out and did what you dreamed about doing?
I would love to hear!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your work is so gorgeous, I feel sure you will find a publisher. I don't think I ever had any big dreams. Because of my childhood, I think I realized my dream. I found Terry and live a loved life.

I am happy that you are reaching your dream. It can only be a step away now. Powerful energy is being sent to you by everyone that reads this post.
xx, Carol

W. Latane Barton said...

Can't wait to see your book. Congratulations.

Vickie said...

Congratulations, Kathleen! Your work is so beautifully perfect I'm sure that your book will be a hit! Can't wait to see it!

My dream is to get back to painting full-time - slowly but surely. Not like having a book published but that's what I want to do with my creative muse!

vaheeda said...

wow..thats a great news..congrats dear..waiting for ur wonderful book ..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Kathleen! I am so happy about you accomplishing this awesome task. A work of love. The photos you showed are beautiful.

Oh, I love how you said "a fairy God publisher". I think I'll use that phrase in my affirmations and prayers, also.

I know just what you're talking about. When I wrote my first novella I wasn't working and could devote my hours to its fruition. And like you, I even got the idea for my second one while writing the first. But alas, another job, and now my second sits in a computer file. So my dream would be to be able to quit my job, have my time my own and fulfill the inspirations in writing and painting that God gives me. I'm so glad you could quit your job and accomplish your dream.

I'd be so happy and honored to feature the book on my blog once you find that God publisher (and you will)!

In the meantime, happy embroidering to you, my dear.

May many more blessings come knocking at your door,

Marianne xo

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your work is so beautiful and you are so talented so I am sure that your book will be published just as you want. I'm sending good vibes your way. Tammy

Elmsley Rose said...

Wow - congratulations! Best of luck finding a publisher :-) :-)

Karen said...

This is so exciting, Kathleen! I'm sure the book will be wonderful and I will be among the many stitchers waiting to buy it!

Gina E. said...

Have you thought about self publishing for a start? Blogger print beautiful soft cover or hard cover books from people's blogs; if you put all your writing in a blog format and had just one copy printed, it would give you something to show people (and prospective publishers) and if you didn't get any nibbles, you could just have enough copies printed by Blogger to sell to your blog readers!

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I wish you all the best. Good Luck! Look forward to hearing the good news and Title of your book.

Elyse said...

hi kathleen!

i am so happy that you reached out to me. i know just what you are going through and i wish you all the luck in the world. i'm glad you have put it out there! blogging connects us to wonderful supports and creative women everywhere. please keep me posted on your news.

think happy thoughts and wish, baby!


Melody said...

Your embroidery is always beautiful. Your book will be a stitch in time! Inspiration....a wish book for those who just love to see hand-embroidery.
In real life I am a Master Floral Designer, but due to family illness I have had to put that in the back burner. Luckily my creative outlet has always been embroidery, so Brown Gingham Creations is still running, but I miss my floral design..the design shows, the floral design competitions..and of course the day in day out of the flower shop...sigh. I mean it's been a part of me since I was 11...40 years! I wish I had a choice, but for now this is the way it has to be. I am sooooooo happy for you and your dream.

Melody said...

Oops, forgot to put I'm
glad you linked in for the Cottage Craft Room Party!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I'm so anxious to see it!
Congrats for finishing

Marie said...

My greatest wish has always been to complete a book based on my grandmother's life, and though I have been published (articles) I seem to have a real fear concerning this book. It's something I truly need to do!

I'm proud of your accomplishment! Can't wait to get the good news that it will be available soon!