I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I can find inspiration for my embroidery

any time I step outside.............
even in something as simple as one of my chicken's feathers.

If one should ever look into my journals.....a favorite poetry book, or a scrapbook of mine, they will be sure to find a feather.............a long curled tail feather from one of the barnyard roosters, or a small fluffy feather from one of the hens who are busily fluffing their nests in the hen house.
The reason I love them so , you might ask?
Years ago, when we moved away from the growling street that we once lived on in town and were blessed enough to call this place out in the country.........our home...........the first thing I did to start working on my farm dream, was to purchase a handful of small baby fluff balls............chickens.

My life has never been the same since.
 Instead of roaring cars and fire engine sirens that constantly shook me from my sleep in town, now the early morning crow of the rooster, helps to announce the beginning of a new day. It is the alarm clock that I hope to always awaken to till I am a hundred years old. The crooning of the hens and their eagerness to greet me each day and to leave me a nest full of fresh eggs is something that will always remain in my memory..............I pray, even when I get too old to ..........remember.
If I should ever have the misfortune of not having chickens.........someday...........these feathers will still be there for me to reflect on a life that I have come to cherish.
I have been thinking about starting another small crazy quilt...........and this feather might be a great addition to it...........or I might frame this along side a photo of one of my hens............
what do you think?
How about you?
Is there something that you have come to love and find inspiration in?
A garden of roses perhaps?...............or a buzzing bee?
I would love to hear!


Anonymous said...

Awww...That was the sweetest post, Kathleen. I loved it. To begin life anew and a completely different sort of life is amazing. I'm so very happy for you because you sound so very happy.

Your embroidered feather is a most beautiful replica of the original. I love the way the stitches look so feathery, and the way you made the bottom scruffy like a real feather.

Isn't it wonderful how inspiration is everywhere! When I look out the doors at work (I get to stand by the doors) I see the clouds, and they have been wanting me to paint them for quite some time now. I tried a quick painting sketch not long ago, and would like to do more. I would love to incorporate some lovely pink roses, or feathers, or whatever inspiration comes.

Thank you for visiting me. May blessings abound your way.

Sending hugs,

Betty Lou said...

You have me thinking--------inspiration? I am afraid that I have just been a copy cat quilter lately. Have to thing more about your question.

Renee Steele-Smith said...

What talent you have! To look at something like this and then draw it, and then embroider it! I am amazed, really.

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

Your stitching is stunning, chickens are just so interesting to watch. Good luck with your embroidery.

Happy days.

Holloway Family said...

You do some amazingly beautiful work!! What treasures they are or will be to the ones you love!!

Karen said...

Kathleen, I love your amazing embroidered feather, it's perfect! I agree with you so much about living in the country, I'm thankful every single day to live where we do. Hearing the birds, seeing cows in the fields and watching the hay being harvested all around us are just a few of the things that make my happy! I love reading your thoughts about your life and your embroidery, I think of you as a kindred spirit!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

You have a wonderful imagination to be able to see something as simple as a feather and then create something so pretty. I love the idea of a crazy quilt.

peggy said...

I am so happy that your dreams are a reality...to live in the country and have chickens and stitch your inspirations from them. It must be truly peaceful.

Mary @ Colony Mountain Stitcheries said...

I really like your idea of another crazy quilt...love the feathers, both the real and the embroideried one!

Cindy said...

Your embroidered feather is so life like - it's beautiful! I guess I get the most inspiration now from other bloggers, people like you that constantly amaze me and make me want to do more, and more... never enough time:)
Have a happy 4th!

Marydon said...

Kathleen, what a lovely write from the heart today. The feather embroidery is just gorgeous, you do beautiful work.

Have a sparkling 4th ~

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

H Kathleen
Your feather embroidery is perfection. I suspect most people find inspiration in what they love. Some, like me find it there and also in telling my "story".

My husband is a country boy. He never saw a rooster or barn he didn't love. I'm the city girl, raised in a beach town and transplanted to a semi-rural area that I have come to love.

Happy 4th of July.
xx, Carl

Gina E. said...

That is so sweet! And your embroidery is beyond belief - I had only looked at the photos for a second before going on to read your post, and I thought the pics were of actual feathers!
We live in an outer suburb of Melbourne, and we the residents like to feel we are still have the country town feel about the place! Lots of native birds in the trees, the occasional kangaroo and koala can be seen if one is in the right place at the right time. And we've got hens and a rooster to wake us (and the neighbours) too! May I copy your idea and use one of my hen's feathers to draw and embroider?

Flora Antony said...

Hi Kathleen,

Your embroidered feather just looks like the original. I have seen chickens and roosters in my grandma's house, and I love to watch them. I guess you cherish every bit of your life at your place. I wish you always live in this peaceful place watching and hearing the sounds of your chickens and roosters.

Once, I too had a plan to embroider a feather, but didn't try it after. I got inspired by your work and wish to try this in future.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Marie said...

Oh, Kathleen, I know what you mean about loving chickens....I have no idea why I do. Maybe because I always saw them roaming free at relatives houses when we would visit Alabama when I was a child; maybe because when I was three my parents briefly owned an "egg farm" where we lived in Florida. I ended up with a rooster for a pet when we were in Texas. I called him Lonesome George because he was the only chicken on the property. He tried to bully our 95-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback but was as gentle as a lamb with the people around, including our one-and-a-half-yr-old grandson. I have pictures of him roosting in the tree beside our house. I wanted chickens when we moved out here, but we had to move kind've close to town because we help with our grandson after school, etc....if we move in a couple of years I want a place where I can have chickens and maybe goats and a donkey!

Love this beautiful design! I think a crazy quilt would be wonderful! In a frame with a favorite chicken though would be so nice too.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

This is lovely, Kathleen -- your thoughts and your stitching. I think it would be perfect framed alongside a photo of one of your hens. Such a sweet idea! I am just always amazed at how you find inspiration and just go with it. Thanks for inspiring us along the way. Blessings, Tammy

ina said...

I love to collect peacock feathers that I found on my farm.I totally agree with you - nature's alarm clock is better than the mechanical ones.Although life on farm is hard, I won't trade it with anything else in this world.

ina said...

I love to collect peacock feathers that I found on my farm.I totally agree with you - nature's alarm clock is better than the mechanical ones.Although life on farm is hard, I won't trade it with anything else in this world.